Shutter Functionality Options

shutter functionality

Our Window Shutters are not just well known for their amazing aesthetics and visual appearance within rooms, but also for their functionality and ease of use. Designed and framed to your specification, all shutters are bespoke to you and your family. We have a stunning range of colours and finishes set in the highest quality frames which are matched to fit and function perfectly within any recess or edge. All our frames are manufactured and sprayed together with the panels so that your shutters completely match your colour scheme and application.

We offer a huge range of functionality options for your shutters which include different louvre sizes, control options and different methods of title rods and mechanisms. We can even design and make remote controlled shutters which can incorporate solar panels for the operation of the shutters and louvres. There are so many options which can be incorporated into your design and we would love to help you get the most out of your installation.

Shutter Panels

We install shutter panels in a range of different styles to match you window frame layout. Our largest single shutter panel is 1047mm but we can also fit multiple panels within the shutter frames. We manufacture your shutter panels to blend directly within your window frames, made to measure in the style of your choice. Our range of panels include:

Single Shutter Panels

A single shutter panel fitted within the frame which is perfect for smaller windows and applications such as a single French door.

Bi-Fold Shutter Panels

This setup includes two shutter panels hinged together in a way that allows them to fold at a hinged joint when opened.

Multi-Fold Shutter Panels

This installation includes multiple shutter panels hinged together along wider windows or openings, which fold in a concertina action to open and close. This option normally requires a tracking system, although we can install a maximum of 4 panels without the need for tracking.

Shutter Louvre Sizes

The louvres we can fit as part of your shutter installation range from 32mm to 114mm and can be chosen dependent on the suitability and restrictions of the shutter material you have chosen. Picking the right louvre sizes for your install can really help change the look and feel of your new shutters. We can help you in picking the perfect combination while taking into account your own personal preferences and existing room. To the right you will find the sizes we can offer.

Shutter Frames

We can manufacture your shutters using 10 styles and 30 variations of frames, which allows for maximum choice when designing your new shutters. When surveying your property we can advise you on the type and style of frames which are most suitable for you windows and architecture.

Tilt Rods

Unless you have chosen solid panel shutters, your shutters will require a tilt rod mechanism to allow for adjustment of your shutters. This is the way you will adjust your shutters to allow light and airflow through the louvres.

Centre and Offset Tilt Rods

You will find this tilt rod bar directly down the centre of your shutters, or offset to the left or right of your shutters. Forward facing this wooden bar will allow you to easily operate the louvres of the panel that it is attached to.

Silent Tilt Rods

This is an optional upgrade which allows for adjustment without the need of an external tilt rod. This style is fantastic when looking for a minimal effect to your shutters with the rod fully enclosed. To operate the louvres you simply adjust one to the position you require and the others will follow.

Remote Control

Our remote controlled shutters allow for the operation of your shutter panels via the press of a button. Fantastic for hard to reach areas and for those with many shutters to operate throughout the property. The remote can be operated with pre-set options to control one or multiple shutters at a time and can also be set to operate your shutters automatically throughout the day or night. No hard wiring is required with operation through either a concealed battery or solar panels.