Shutters with Integrated Blinds

We can supply your new shutters with integrated blinds which act as a secondary layer between your shutters and windows. This solution is perfect for bedrooms and any other room where you are looking for the best blackout achievable through a window dressing. Using a blind built into the frame of the shutters, you can operate the blind vertically using a chord just like a normal blind.

integrated blinds 1 integrated blinds 2

integrated blinds 3 integrated blinds 4

Shutters with blinds integrated into the build benefit from an extra layer of insulation and create near black out. The blind can easily be pulled down when the shutters are opened and remain in place while the louvres are either closed or opened. Once pulled to the top the blind is discreet with a minimal stacking depth, out of view until required again.

Our integrated blinds come in colours to suit all tastes.

integrated blind colours