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Posted on 29 January 2014

Environmentally Friendly Wooden Shutters

These days many of our customers are conscious of trying to help the environment wherever possible. There are so many products now available on the market which helps towards maintaining the environment, including many interior design solutions. We offer teak shutters made from some of the finest timber available which is supplied from FSC certified wood grown on the Island of Kolombangra in the Solomon Islands. This island is home to some great protected forests where you will find some great species of trees which make for fantastic shutters! Suppliers with a FSC certification follow strict rules which only allows for wood to be grown in an ethical manner to the highest standards, leaving no impact to the environment. The FSC is an independent non-governmental organisation which leads the way for responsible forest management and growing. By dealing with FSC regulated suppliers you can help stop illegal wood from entering the manufacturing chain. Our Eco Friendly Shutters can be finished in a wide range of different paints, stains and varnishes. We offer around 32 staining options with 28 standard colours, with the added option of custom colour matching. As with all our shutters we offer choices in panel sizes and louvre sizes, which we can help you pick depending on the sizing and style of the windows where the shutters are being placed. Did you know that as well as the wood they are made from, shutters in general are great for the environment? Wooden shutters can aid reduction in your heating bills and power consumption. Shutters act as further insulation in your home. A set of professionally fitted shutters when closed can allow for far better heat retention than traditional window coverings such as curtains and blinds. For more information please visit our Eco Friendly Shutters page or get in contact with us for more details on the FSC Certified shutters we have to offer.

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