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Posted on 4 July 2014

Reducing Noise Pollution with Window Shutters

Many homeowners do not consider Noise as a form of pollution, but living in a busy area next to roads, railways or under flight paths can be a problem that many families face. Outside noises can become very irritating and in some circumstances harmful to those in the home. Whether you live next to a busy high street or are concerned with regular noises such as passing trains, our bespoke shutters are one of the best ways to further reduce noise from entering the home. These noises could be throughout the day or even worse through the night and early hours of the morning affecting your sleep! Although there are regulations and laws in place to try and keep noise levels at a safe level around homes, that doesn’t stop distracting and annoying noises from entering the house on a day to day basis. Due to the wooden materials our shutters are made from and the way they are fitted to window openings, you can be sure of one of the best levels of protection behind your windows. Many think of the great insulation properties of our shutters when having them fitted, but the noise reduction properties are often overlooked. When combined with double glazing our bespoke shutters act as a fantastic barrier when fully closed which will allow you to keep out unwanted noise whenever needed.

The Shutters we use are considered to be one of the most effective ways of achieving noise reduction due to the high quality wood creating a barrier across the window which absorbs noises which would normally enter the room. Because they are made to measure the fit does not leave gaps around the window frame, which curtains and blinds have allowing more noise to escape into the property because of the standard way they are fitted. Of course shutters are also fantastic for light control and insulation, as well as looking fantastic! Just some of the reasons why our window shutters have become so popular over the recent years with many homeowners.

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