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Posted on 16 January 2017

Bay Window Shutters for Living Room in Welling, Kent

We were asked by a customer in Welling, Kent to create some shutters for their bay window located in the living room of a 1930s semi-detached property. The client was keen on having bespoke shutters created to perfectly match the lines and angles of the window panes. With our shutters we can custom create a perfect match which mirrors the windows and maintain a perfect curve.

white bay window shutters

In this case we used full height shutters with a mid-rail located near the top, to match top line of the windows. The mid-rail is not only a great way of matching the lines, but also allows for a split in the louvres where they can be controlled separately at the top and bottom. As an example this is perfect for situations where you may require lower level privacy but full light to stream in through the tops. The louvres top and bottom can be opened, closed or adjusted anywhere in between!

These shutters make for a great feature of these windows and because of the perfect match in lines and curvature they look great from both inside and outside of the property. We finished them in a pure white finish which created the ultimate clean look blending these shutters in with the existing look of the property whilst also creating a more modern feel. The hinges were also finished in pure white to blend them in with the clean look of the shutters. You will also notice that these shutters have no visible tilt rods and can be adjusted simply by touch!

We created the shutters from our MDF Antigua Range which are our most affordable solution available in 6 white colours. Although one of our cheaper options they are very robust as well as great looking and come with our 3 year warranty.

As with some of our fully bespoke installations there was some adjustment to the frames needed to get the perfect fit in this 1930s properties window recess. Our fitting technician Mark did a great job making the adjustments to get an amazing fit. This would be very hard to achieve with off the shelf window solutions!

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