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Cinema Room Shutters

With plantation shutters becoming more popular within homes throughout the UK, many are seeing the advantage of installing shutters in other less traditional rooms of the home where they will benefit from the functionality and styling of shutters.

One of the types of rooms we are now commonly asked to install shutters in are cinema rooms or rooms of the home where televisions and media centres are located.

The great thing about using our shutters in cinema rooms is that you can achieve near full blackout even in the middle of the day. Other window dressings such as curtains and blinds just can’t achieve this. As all our shutters are created bespoke and made to measure we can create a millimetre perfect fitment around the window frames and recesses. We also offer shutters featuring integrated blinds which allow for even more blackout functionality!

As well as offering window shutters for cinema rooms we often find that clients may have a doorway or entrance to the room which requires a method for closing off the area and creating a light and sound barrier from the rest of the home. Using our track system shutters we can also create shutters across these openings which not only function as with normal window shutters but can be styled to match.

Our wooden shutters not only control light into a room, they can be used as a natural insulator and help keep sound in the room allowing you to enjoy the home cinema and others in the home to not hear the sound from the movie or music you are listening to. We can visit your home and check your cinema room, providing you with advice on the best options for your room and a no obligation quote based on the style and type of shutters you require.

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