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Optional Extras

Our shutters are available with a range of optional extras that can make your shutters even easier to use no matter what part of the home they have been installed. Using a range of fasteners, cut outs, ring pulls and even remote control your shutters can be even more accessible and easy to operate for all members of the family.

Additional Fasteners

There are additional fastenings available for the shutters that we supply and fit helping to make your shutters more secure and allowing for them to be closed in a more permanent way. We can insert a bolt into the panel which then secures onto the frame quickly and easily using a small key. We can also fit a sliding bolt fastener to the side of your shutters which secures to the frame without the need for a key.

Door Handle Cut Outs

We can create specially made cut outs in your shutters which allow easy access to door handles that may sit behind the shutters. This allows access to the door without having to open the shutter panels.

This option can be made to measure depending on the type of doors you have and where access is needed. We can discuss the cut out options with you including how the design will look with the finished shutters.

Ring Pulls

We can fit ring pulls to any of our shutters which allows for easier opening and closing of your new shutters. Although all the shutters we fit are robust enough to be gently opened ring pulls can be a real benefit.

We highly recommend this extra for shutters that will often be used, are in hard to reach areas or simply for ease of opening when.

Remote Control

Our remote control system is the perfect addition to any shutters throughout the home, especially those that are out of reach or difficult to open manually. Using a small remote control you can move the louvres at the touch of the button, allowing for allowing accurate light levels and privacy.

The motorised mechanism is integrated within the shutter panels and allows the owner to align and control individual louvre panels or multiple panels at the same time. The remote control can be operated with pre-set options and can also be set to work automatically throughout the day or night. The remote control system can be fitted to all of our hardwood shutters and also has the option of being powered by small solar panels rather than hardwired

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