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Half window shutters explained

Let us begin by clarifying what is meant by half window shutters… If you have ever been to Paris, you may have noticed the front windows of its charming patisseries, cafés, and restaurants dressed in half style shutters. Well, this renowned Parisian-style is what inspired those of us in the shutter business to term this shutter design as café style. Café style shutters cover the lower portion of the window only. This leaves the top clear for maximum natural light to flow through, whilst still offering privacy to the lower window section.

To clarify, half window shutters are simply another term for what we (as shutter experts) would call café style. Café style shutters, are available in a wealth of styles and colour/stain combinations, allowing you to match your shutters to your window frames. As with all our shutter styles, half window shutters can also be custom colour-matched to complement the interior style of your home and can be crafted to fit any window style.

What style homes and windows
are suited to half window shutters?

Half window plantation shutters are an excellent choice for first floor bedrooms and bathrooms which are not overlooked from above, as full privacy is not a necessity. They are also loved by owners of properties without a front garden or property owners who reside on a road boasting a narrow kerb. In these scenarios, passersby can appear remarkably close to the front ground floor windows of a property, and half window shutters will allow these owners to add privacy/extra security to these rooms without losing out on light.

Half height shutters are typically installed to cover the lower half of the window, but you can choose to make them higher if you wish. It is not uncommon for us to fit shutters which cover the bottom two-thirds of the window in this style.

If you are a homeowner who likes to make an impact, half shutters will not disappoint in creating a fantastic visual statement both inside and outside the home. Many customers choose café style shutters purely for this reason, while others need the practical benefits associated with them too.

This style of shutters is extremely complementary to homes that boast traditional box sash windows, such as Victorian and Georgian style properties. Likewise, they look very elegant in cottages and Edwardian homes. However, their sleek uniformity and streamlined appeal work equally well in modern style homes boasting uPVC double glazed windows, too.

Are half window shutters
suited to bathrooms?

Yes, half height shutters can be ordered in our 100% waterproof Java range. Therefore, bathrooms, wet rooms, or any room which suffers from a high moisture content can still benefit from half window shutters.

Are half window style
shutters cheaper?

When compared to other shutter styles, such as full height shutters or tier on tier shutters, café style shutters are usually cheaper, simply because they will cover less of the window and, therefore, require less wood to craft. Like all our shutters, café style offers excellent value for money as they are a sturdy and high-quality window dressing that can be enjoyed for years to come. Plus, because they are custom made for you, they will remain in your property even if you leave – they are a house buyer’s dream.

Can I add a top tier to half
window shutters later?

Yes, adding a top tier to existing café style shutters is possible and straightforward to implement. So, if you later decide that you want to obtain full window coverage with shutters, we can add a top tier shutter panel. Find out how a top tier is added to existing shutters here.

Half window shutters in action

Our inspiration and installations pages are loaded with tonnes of images of our shutters for you to peruse.

If you would like to inject a practical style statement into your property, café style shutters are a great option, no matter what era your home originated in or what interior design theme you are following. Request an appointment with one of our design consultants for an obligation-free chat and quote.

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