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Hardwood Plantation Shutters

A superior shutter solution for all

Creating shutters that delight our customers is our passion. Providing shutters that are beautifully made and built to last is our mission. Made from only sustainably sourced hardwood, our hardwood shutter range has a smooth texture, is light in weight and yet extremely robust which makes for an exemplary shutter solution. Made to measure hardwood shutters are perfect for almost any window, door, room or project. No matter the complexity of your bay windows, shaped openings, or doorways, we can tailor your shutters to suit. For a bespoke finish that is uniquely Made For You, call 0208 776 1484. We are always happy to help.

What makes hardwood plantation shutters so good?

Hardwood plantation shutters allow you to combine premium décor with superior functionality. Installing hardwood shutters to your doors or windows will allow you to benefit from a range of advantages that would be unachievable with standard curtains or blinds.

  • With low thermal conductivity, you can add insulation to your home, increasing your energy efficiency and lowering your energy bills in return.
  • These reliable timber shutters are partnered with a 5-year warranty and a lifetime maintenance warranty. You can make a lasting difference to your home.
  • During their manufacture, all of our timber shutters are treated to ensure that no swelling or warping occurs after installation.
  • Hardwood shutters receive a layer of additional UV protection, ensuring that your chosen colour remains strong and resists fading.
  • Hardwood looks beautiful from every angle and can add value to your property. The result is a shutter solution that genuinely adds extra value to your property.
  • Elegant hardwood shutters are timeless, so you can depend on them to last and remain stylish.

Choose the design of your hardwood shutters

Just as each room of your home may have its own unique style and layout, we understand that you may have differing requirements for your shutters. Explore our range of styles to see how your shutters can be carefully designed to suit the ambience of your home.

Full height

Providing clean lines from the top to the bottom of your windows, full height shutters deliver a solution of total privacy. You will also have the option of installing a mid-rail, allowing you to manoeuvre separate sections of louvres in your shutters for extra privacy and light control when needed.

Tier on tier

For additional versatility, explore the possibilities provided by tier on tier shutters. Consisting of twin panels which operate independently, they allow you to tailor your lighting and privacy levels without having to compromise one way or the other.


Traditionally, café style shutters cover the lower portion of your window to provide privacy at eye level whilst maximising the amount of natural light you receive. Popular across both residential and commercial projects, café style shutters are ideal for living and working areas.

Special shapes

No matter the size, shape or complexity, our made to measure special shaped shutters can provide you with a solution that is often unachievable with other window dressings. From arched windows to triangular gable ends, shutters offer a superb way to dress your shaped windows, whilst providing you with extra flexibility, insulation and light control.

Solid shutters

Featuring a unique design, solid panel shutters offer increased insulation whilst providing extra room darkening capabilities for your home. Solid shutters have also been used as decorative room dividers or to create a charming cupboard under the stairs for your home.

Track systems

Our by-pass and bi-fold tracked shutter systems provide a solution for any location where a run of shutters would be beneficial, from wardrobes and room dividers to the sliding doors in your kitchen.

Browse the options for your hardwood shutters

Our hardwood shutters are crafted from ethically sourced Paulownia that can be customised in your choice of 30 stained or luxury painted finishes. Have you got a specific colour in mind? We offer a custom colour matching service so that you can achieve the perfect shutters for your home.

There are also 5 louvre sizes and the option of solid panel shutters to choose from to ensure you achieve the right ambience, style, and privacy for your room. If room darkening benefits are required, you can also opt for our integrated blind solution, ideal for nurseries and night shift workers.


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Receive a quote for your hardwood shutters

Find out how we can help you design the perfect hardwood shutters for your home or project. Get in touch with our team of friendly shutter experts for more information or to take the next steps. Call us on 020 8776 1484 or send us an email to [email protected].

Explore the finishes for your hardwood shutters

Tilt rods

Choose your preferred tilt design from either central, offset or completely hidden options. We will help you design your preferred tilt rods in a way that provides you with daily ease and comfort.

Louvre sizes

With 5 louvre sizes to choose from, each size will each provide you with a varied look, feel, and effect. During your initial consultation with us, we will work with you to find the best louvre size for your home.

Finishing touches

Your hardwood shutters will be finished to the highest industry standards with every millimetre undergoing no less than 6 coats of paint or staining before a UV protection coating is applied. You can expect a durable, fade-resistant finish and shutters that last.

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Find out more about our hardwood shutters

Our philosophy is that there is a perfect shutter for every project, taste and budget. Find out how we can help you find the shutters that are Made For You by calling 020 8776 1484, emailing us at [email protected], or filling out our contact form.

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