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Plantation Shutters Track System

Enhancing properties with elegant and versatile shutter installations

Our beautiful track system shutter solutions are ideal for covering wide expanses. Ensuring longevity and smooth operation, track system shutters are often installed to enhance wardrobes, patio and bi-fold doors and create elegant room dividers. To enquire about your own tracked system shutters, give us a call on 020 8776 1484.

The options for your tracked shutters

We aim to create a shutter solution for every requirement. Explore the options available. All of our shutter materials come with a lifetime maintenance warranty and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.



Crafted with quality, sustainable hardwood, our shutters are perfect for wider expanses. With a broad range of colours, stains, and finishing options to choose from, we can tailor your shutters to suit your design requirements.


With our PVC shutters, even your bathroom can be a part of your home transformation. An aluminium core coated in plastic creates a shutter solution with extreme durability and water-resistance.

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Of all the UK’s shutter companies, we really do believe that we care most about you and your home. Our job is to work alongside you and your requirements to provide the best suited solution. Find out what our customers, past and present, think of our work.

Talk to us about your shutter requirements

Take the first step towards your tracked shutters today. Get in contact by calling 020 8776 1484 or emailing [email protected].

The beauty of our bi-folding shutters

Having bi-fold doors installed to your property can instantly transform and enhance your home. However, dressing them is often an afterthought which is often brought about as a result of reduced privacy, warmth and security.
Bi-folding shutters can help to provide a separation from the outside world when you need it, granting you the versatility to create cosy environments whilst minimising visibility into your property. Track system shutters will work in the same concertina style, allowing you to use your space in exactly the same way.

Secure your sliding doors with our bypass track shutters

Our bypass track shutters provide a range of versatile options. As an ideal solution for room dividers and wardrobes, the strength of bypass tracked shutters can also increase the security of your home by protecting your privacy and increasing the strength of your doors. Whether you have bypass track shutters installed onto the sliding doors of your dining room or dressing room, you can enhance your home without losing out on space.

The benefits of tracked shutters

Introduce advantages to your home which would be unachievable with the installation of standard curtains or blinds.

A seamless fit

Our ‘measure twice, cut once’ approach guarantees that you’ll receive tracked shutters that are a perfect fit for your home.


The versatility of tracked shutters is unmatched. From sliding doors and room dividers to folding window shutters, the range of shapes, sizes, and materials available give you multiple options to explore.

Energy saving

The insulating qualities of our tracked plantation shutters work to keep your home comfortable all year round, decreasing the need for central heating or air conditioning and lowering your energy bills in return.

Easy to clean

With a simple wipe, the presence of dust and other allergens can be decreased from your sliding door shutters. This creates a hygienic environment that is especially beneficial to those with asthma.

Reduce light and noise pollution

With a simple slide, your tracked shutters can be closed or opened, and with easy to tilt louvres, you can angle your shutters accordingly, tailoring the amount of external light and noise you wish to block out or let in.

Increase your privacy

Tracked shutters can cover even the widest expanses, increasing the privacy you hold in your home, as well as enhancing your level of security.

Track system shutters created for every room

The versatility that our tracked shutters could introduce to your home is unrivalled. From dividing space in your bedroom for a dressing room, to dressing the bi-folding doors in your kitchen for security and privacy, the options are endless. These simple track mounted systems always look and operate at their best, no matter where you choose to install them.

Why choose us for your track mounted plantation shutters?

We provide shutters that are made for you

We don’t create in bulk. Instead, the tracked shutter we provide for you will be designed and manufactured just for your home. This ensures it meets all your preferences and requirements.

We provide 0% finance

Shutters are a valuable investment, and we don’t believe anyone should miss out on having them in their home. That is why we provide 0% finance for up to 18 months, so you can spread your payments over a longer period.

We recruit people who share our values

We work hard to ensure that our teams consist of those who share the same passion and values as we do. In fact, a large portion of our team consist of previous customers. This ensures that the service we deliver is one of the UK’s most loved.

We are able to work in any environment

Allowing an unfamiliar team to work in your home can be daunting, which is why we ensure that every member of our team is DBS background checked. We can be relied on to work in any location and aim to make our customers feel comfortable in their own home. .

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