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Plantation Shutters For Velux Windows & Skylights

Fit shutters to those hard-to-reach windows

Velux windows are a common feature within loft rooms, garden rooms, and orangeries. These sleek windows are extremely popular and can be enhanced with Velux window shutters. You can add a layer of insulation and achieve easy light control with these practical and beautiful window dressings. Discuss the benefits with a member of our team by calling 020 8776 1484.

Made-to-measure shutters for your Velux windows

Velux windows are fitted in a wide range of different sizes and open at a range of angles. This makes it essential to receive a precisely fitted Velux window shutter. Our ‘measure twice, cut once’ approach ensures that there are no gaps that would detract from the appearance of your shutters or their light-blocking performance. Opting for made-to-measure Velux window shutters guarantees that the result is perfect for your property.

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Create your ideal shutters for Velux windows

Sloping Velux windows can be found in a range of settings throughout properties, posing a challenge for light control when required. In many cases, such as within a loft room, these windows can be hard to access. Purpose-built plantation shutters can be securely fitted to your window, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits they can offer. Your shutters will be manufactured from lighter materials, ensuring that they remain practical and easy to operate at any angle. Plus, for unbeatable convenience, you can consider a motorised option that will open and close the louvres at the press of a button.

A range of plantation shutters for Velux windows

There are many different shutter designs that you can explore to complement your Velux windows. There are also plenty of customisation options that can tailor your Velux window shutters to their surroundings. From choosing the size of the louvres, to deciding where to place the tilt rod, you can personalise these details to create shutters that are truly Made For You. As a final touch, we offer a wide array of colour options, including paints and stains, that you can choose from to achieve the ideal finish.

What makes Velux window shutters a great choice?

Plantation shutters are practical as well as beautiful. By choosing to install bespoke Velux window shutters you will be able to:

Block out harsh sunlight

Shutters give you the control you need over the light that enters the room. You can create shade if needed or invite additional light in to brighten and lift the space.

Limit disturbances

Shutters are constructed from top-of-the-range materials that excel at blocking out external noises. This is perfect if your Velux windows are in a bedroom or home office.

Simplify your cleaning routine

Shutters are a low maintenance addition to your windows. Cleaning them is as simple as wiping them with a damp cloth, making it easy to remove dust and allergens.

Preserve your privacy

Shutters have a contemporary, stylish design that makes them a great decorative feature within any room. They can transform your Velux windows into a design feature.

Shutter solutions, Made For You

You can be confident in the condition of your Velux window shutters. We supply a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime maintenance warranty to ensure your lasting peace of mind. Your shutters will be Made For You at the highest of standards. We’re also able to help you spread the cost by offering 0% finance for up to 18 months. This gives you greater control over how you invest in your new shutters.

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