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The history of ShuttersUp

Care and craft have been at the heart of ShuttersUp since we installed our first shutters in 2006. As founder-directors, we have built the company in our image. Every customer receives the best of our expertise and our entire team take pride in a job done brilliantly.


All entrepreneurs will testify that launching a business can be the most exciting and yet most challenging of times. Now imagine how much easier it would be if your business partner was your childhood best friend? How reassuring would it be to have someone by your side that you not only trust wholeheartedly but also admire. Imagine what you could both accomplish and just how many amazing achievements you would celebrate along the way? Well, this is precisely the case for ShuttersUp founders Ross and Ashley.


After meeting through a mutual family friend and knowing each other for some time, the journey of ShuttersUp really started to take shape during Ross and Ashley’s secondary school years. With a shared interest in carpentry, they both started working part time at World of Golf in Croydon, aged just 16 (golf being another shared passion that they still very much enjoy today). The pair were quickly nicknamed the ‘Power Duo’ – their hunger to succeed, combined with their competitive nature, soon saw them regularly smashing sales targets at the golf shop. This was an early sign of the successes that would follow.


Ashley and Ross went on to qualify in carpentry together but, after both attending Croydon College, they took different routes. Ashley took to a role installing and surveying shutters and Ross worked in more of a mainstream carpentry role, working nights on the Underground hanging doors and more.

After some time, Ashley decided to join Ross working nights but found himself reminiscing on just how much job satisfaction he received from surveying and installing shutters. He would consistently tell Ross that the client interaction and satisfaction made the job far more enjoyable.

With this in mind, as well as the free time that the boys had available during the day, they decided to start fitting shutters, and eventually took a leap of faith to start their own company. The salary was far less but the passion and job satisfaction proved to be so much more rewarding.


Similar to the likes of Amazon and Google, everything started in a garage! Ashley’s nan’s garage in fact! This was the very first ShuttersUp office, and Ashley’s nan loved being able to support the boys on their venture. It wasn’t uncommon for her to be up at 5am when Ashley and Ross arrived for work with a cup of tea in hand, a smile, and some welcome words of encouragement.


As time went on, the business outgrew the garage and required more space. Behold their first ever storage unit on Farwig Lane, Bromley! At this time, Ashley and Ross also invested in their very first Transit too. A lot has changed in 15 years – check out the original branding!


ShuttersUp continued to go from strength to strength until, once again, you guessed it, it was time to move on! Big Yellow Self Storage marked the third home for ShuttersUp, within which we rented both office and storage space.


Finally, ShuttersUp had its very own shop front for their team and customers to be welcomed. This was coupled with a secure industrial storage facility.

This journey from working in Ashley’s nan’s garage to having their very own premises is one that Ashley and Ross will never forget. Both Ross and Ashley are very passionate about their business, their staff, and their customers. Their care and integrity for both the team and their customers is rare but it is a very welcome example of what can be achieved with the right vision, mission, and values.

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