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Energy efficiency

Your shutters won’t just be a beautiful design feature, they’ll be a practical addition to your home as well. Installing shutters is a great way to improve your property’s energy efficiency, adding a layer of insulation to your windows so that heat can’t escape through the glass.

What is energy efficiency?

In simple terms, energy efficiency means eliminating waste. This means less energy can be used to accomplish the same result. This is a win-win situation – you’ll consume less energy, reducing your energy bills, and the planet will benefit because fewer natural resources are being consumed. Within your home, one of the crucial aspects of energy efficiency is reducing heat loss. You will want to make full use of the heat that you’re spending money on!

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How can shutters help with heat loss?

Installing shutters is an excellent way to combat heat loss within your property. This stylish home improvement measure offers a discreet solution to the factors that can affect energy efficiency. You can expect your bespoke plantation shutters to:

Add insulation

Placing an extra layer between your glass windowpanes and the warm air within your home will prevent heat from being lost. You can enjoy the benefits of double glazing alongside all the added lifestyle features that shutters offer.

Prevent draughts

Draughts are an unwelcome feature within any home, undermining your ability to feel warm and comfortable. Closing your shutters can act as effective draught-proofing, giving you a quick and easy way to hold onto the heating that you’re paying for.

Eliminate gaps

Bespoke shutters are designed and manufactured to fit your property perfectly. This means that there won’t be any unnecessary or unsightly gaps that can allow heat to escape. Your shutters will seamlessly fit in place, making the most of their insulating properties.

Why are hardwood shutters great for energy efficiency?

Wood has very low thermal conductivity, making it a natural insulator. This makes wooden shutters extremely energy efficient. In fact, industry research and our own customer polling have found that wooden shutters are the best energy efficient home improvement choice you can make. Plus, wood also offers a whole host of other benefits, being sustainable, repairable, low maintenance, and timeless in its aesthetic appeal. It’s no wonder that wood has been a beloved building material for centuries!

Tackle heat loss with solid shutters

Any style of plantation shutter can enhance the energy efficiency of your home, but the undisputed king of heat retention is the solid shutter. As this design doesn’t feature any louvres, you are restricted to a binary choice between leaving your shutters open or closed, but closing your shutters is made much more effective as a result. With solid wooden panels covering your windows you can look forward to minimal heat loss, total privacy, and exceptional light and noise blocking.

Add an extra layer with an integrated blind

We can include an integrated blind within your shutter design. This blind is built into the shutter frame, adding another layer between your shutter and windowpanes and removing any gaps around the frame. Designed as a room darkening measure, the foil layer that blocks out light also does a great job of trapping heat in when the blind is closed. If energy efficiency is a priority for you, we’ll be able to design and create the perfect set of shutters for your requirements.

Benefit from lower energy bills

By investing in plantation shutters as an energy efficiency measure, you can reap ongoing benefits in the form of lower energy bills. Your shutters give you extra control over the atmosphere in your home and let you retain heat so that you can make the most of the energy you’re paying for. Once your shutters have been installed, you can expect to be less reliant on your central heating system, spending less on your energy bills and saving the money for your other expenses.

Discuss the benefits of shutters with us

Shutters are a great way to improve energy efficiency and reduce heat loss. Talk to our team to create the perfect set of shutters for your requirements. Call us on 020 8776 1484, email [email protected], or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you promptly.

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