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Softwood Plantation Shutters

Decide on a shutter material that lasts

When it came to creating our collection of shutter materials, we took our time to select each material to ensure that it would not only look beautiful but also last the test of time. Whilst softwood internal shutters exist, we don’t believe these materials are durable enough for a high-quality, long-lasting solution. Softwood shutters such as Pinewood, can achieve a range of colours and smooth finishes. However, we opt for hardwood shutters across our ranges, knowing that they can deliver all these benefits and more.

Hardwood shutters vs. softwood shutters

You will find that both hardwood and softwood plantation shutters are available in the UK, but to deliver the best customer experience and results, we only provide hardwood options.

  • The colour of softwoods can often be fainter, appearing washed out and less complementary when looking for a natural shutter solution. Hardwoods boast warm tones and deep colour scales.
  • The durability of softwood simply isn’t on the same scale as hardwood. Hardwood shutters are also strong enough to undergo treatments and finishes that enhance their resistance to scratches and bumps.
  • Due to the density of the material, hardwood shutters are far less likely to be affected by everyday moisture such as condensation.
  • Our shutters are engineered to ensure they are far more resistant to warping than softwood products.
  • As hardwood shutters are generally denser than softwood shutters, they are often far better at insulating your home, helping to reduce energy bills throughout the year.

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What makes hardwood plantation shutters much more durable?

Whilst the hardwoods we use have a natural strength, there are also methods we use during the production process to enhance their durability, ready for installation at your home.

  • Every shutter is manufactured with veneered hardwood core that is layered in opposing directions and sealed with heat and pressure for additional strength.
  • The hardwood timber we use is strong enough to undergo treatment that works against warping and swelling. This includes temperature conditioning where our shutters are dried to a temperature that ensures longevity.
  • The use of mortise and tenon joinery produces a stronger shutter solution that will remain robust under stress and movement.
  • The paint we use on our shutters is either primed with a cellulose base or coated with a layer of polyurethane to protect against UV rays and discolouration.

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