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Arched Window Plantation Shutters

Complement the curves of your windows

An arched window is an attractive feature within any room, and made-to-measure shutters will only enhance its appeal. Shutters for arched windows are a great way to make a design statement, drawing attention to the unique curves and angles that these window shapes offer. As with any plantation shutter, arched window shutters are also highly practical, adding insulation and convenient light control. To discuss the benefits of plantation shutters for curved windows with one of our experts, call 020 8776 1484.

Made-to-measure shutters for your arched windows

Arched and curved windows are two of the many window types that require a special shaped solution. You can rely on our ‘measure twice, cut once’ approach to produce shutters that perfectly mirror your unique windows. Not only does this provide an unbeatable aesthetic, but it also allows you to fully benefit from their light-reducing properties and the insulation they provide.

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Arched window shutters for any interior

Arched windows are an attractive feature that are sure to boost a property’s kerb appeal. This is why it’s important to highlight their appearance, rather than concealing them behind a curtain or blind. Whether your arched window is above your front door, in your hallway, or alongside your staircase, you’ll want a shutter that enhances the unique style it offers. No matter the size of the window or how curved or angled it happens to be, you’ll be able to work with our team to craft a set of arched window shutters for any interior space.

A range of plantation shutters for arched windows

Maximise the impact of your arched windows by personalising their shutters. Not only are there several designs to choose from, but there are also many details that can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Ranging from the placement of the tilt rod to the size of the louvres within the panels, you’ll be able to tailor your arched window shutters to your own personal taste. Another key consideration is colour, and there is a wide array of painted and stained finishes for you to choose from.

What makes arched window shutters a great choice?

Adding plantation shutters to your arched windows is the ideal way to find a window treatment that fits perfectly in place. As a made-to-measure product, your unique shutters will let you:

Block out harsh sunlight

You’ll be able to use your window shutters to control the amount of light that enters through your arched windows. You can create shade when you need it or can allow more light in to create a spacious feel within the room.

Limit disturbances

Your shutters will do a great job of blocking out noise and preventing you from being disturbed. Whether you live in a busy area or are simply a light sleeper, you’re sure to benefit from being able to create your own bubble of calm.

Simplify your cleaning routine

Despite their unique shape, your arched window shutters will be simple to clean. They are a low maintenance addition to your home, as only a damp cloth is needed to clear dust and allergens from the shutter panels.

Preserve your privacy

You can create the privacy you need by closing your shutters. The curved portion of your window can be difficult to cover otherwise, allowing overlooking properties to see into your home. With a bespoke shutter this is never a concern.

Shutter solutions, Made For You

Every property is different, and so are the window shutters we create. Your arched window shutters will be Made For You to ensure they meet all your requirements. We’ll also provide a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime maintenance guarantee for your ongoing peace of mind. Plus, you can spread the cost with 0% finance for up to 18 months.

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