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Can plantation shutters be remote controlled?

There is no denying what a timeless addition window shutters can be to your home, not to mention their value-added appeal. However, their style versatility and traditional roots often mean customers assume that the option for automated shutters is probably out of the question.  Well, that could not be further from the truth. We are delighted to inform you that yes, plantation shutters can be remote controlled. In this article, we explore why we think motorised shutters are a great choice for your home.

Key features of remote-controlled plantation shutters:

Easy to use remote, controls shutters from anywhere in the house.
8 pre-programmed louvre positions for optimum light and privacy efficiency.
Silent operation.
Built-in jam prevention device for maximum child safety – the perfect choice for families.
Contain lithium-ion batteries which will last around a year between full charges.
Colour of remote device can be tailored to your shutter design, room décor or personal preference.
Adjust one or multiple panels at a time.
Available in all shutter materials (except Java and Security).
Manual override – operate louvres by hand if desired.
Battery is rechargeable via mini-USB.
Includes highly efficient energy strip solar panel to extend battery life.
Timesaving and perfect for hard-to-reach areas.

The benefits of remote-controlled shutters

Control privacy and light levels with optimum efficiency

Light and privacy control couldn’t be easier with motorised shutters. The remote-control features buttons to control the louvre motion (to tilt the louvres up and down, and open or close them), as well as a scene button for the best view through. Your remote also boasts a dial that allows you to angle the louvres just the way you want – choose from 8 pre-programmed louvre positions to achieve the levels of light and privacy that suit your needs best.

You will be able to control each shutter panel separately too. If you are just needing to keep the sunlight off the TV or laptop screen for example, you can adjust or close the louvres on the panel or panels causing the problem rather than having to adjust all the shutter panels.

If some members of your household prefer the old-fashioned way, fear not, there is a manual override option that will allow them to operate by hand if desired, without worrying about damaging the discreet motor function.

Saves you time and effort

Saving time in our modern daily lives is worth its weight in gold, isn’t it? Upgrading to automatic, enables you to control your shutters remotely, simply, and effortlessly, all at the touch of a button. A great choice for hard-to-reach areas and larger installations such as that extension roof Velux, a large, glazed gable end, or sloping loft ensuite window, where it is super difficult to open and close, or tilt the louvres by hand.

The remote control operates the shutters from anywhere in the house thanks to the added signal repeaters. The repeaters offer extended transmissions so that the signal can cover longer distances and can be received on the other side of walls or other obstructions, meaning you don’t even need to be in the room to fully close, open or adjust your shutters!

Built in protection and enhanced security

We have built in a clever jam prevention device which will automatically disengage if the louvres become obstructed making remote control shutters a safe choice for homes with younger children and pets where inquisitive little fingers (and paws) like to explore such gadgets!

Likewise, the easy-to-use remote control means it can be used by anyone in the family particularly older members or those with disabilities, where adjusting shutters in the traditional way may prove tricky.

Set the timer on your remote control while you are away on holiday, so your shutters open during the day and close during the night. Using the remote function to simulate the appearance that your house is still occupied is a great deterrent for chance intruders and can be an effective way to discourage anyone attempting a break in while you are topping up your tan.

Efficient, long-lasting battery

Each shutter has rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can charge via a mini-USB cable. Battery life is enhanced with an integrated solar strip that should last, on average at least a year between full charges (depending on usage). The battery itself is built into the shutter panel so is discreetly hidden away from view.

Suitable for a wide range of window shapes and shutter materials

The remote-control optional extra is available for our Antigua, Fiji, Cuba, and Samoa ranges.

Special shaped window shutters are no obstacle to being automated either. Whether you have a porthole, arch, octagon, triangle, or peculiar angle that needs attention, we can design and manufacture bespoke remote-controlled shutters to fit them exactly.

Motorised shutters are suitable for:

  • Special shaped windows.
  • Hard to reach areas such as rooflights.
  • Gable end windows and other large installations.
  • Fans of gadget control and automating their home.
  • Families, older family members and those with disabilities.
  • Anyone looking for the ultimate in luxury and practicality for their home.

How much do motorised window shutters cost?

The cost of remote-controlled shutters will be dependent on how many windows you have, and how many shutter panels you need. However, to provide you some idea of cost, one motor moves up to ten louvres.  Typically, each shutter panel would need one motor.

1 x motor = £198 (inc. VAT)

Can I make my existing shutters motorised?

Presently, we are only able to add the motorised mechanism to new shutters we craft for you at the time of manufacture.

All in all, motorised shutters area a timesaving extra for your beautifully crafted, bespoke shutters. Automated shutters allow you to bring the rooms in your house in line with efficient modern day living without compromising on the preferred style of your home. Find out more about our remote control shutters here, or give us a call for a non-pressurised chat.

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