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Patio door shutters: A comprehensive guide

Patio doors, particularly the sliding and bi-folding varieties, have become a must-have feature in modern house design. They are most loved for their ability to allow ample natural light to flood interior spaces, but they also have many other advantages too. These include offering a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces, unobstructed panoramic views, and a greater connection with nature. Not to mention being an excellent source of natural ventilation, their design versatility, or the energy efficiency benefits. They may even increase the value of your property!

Despite their popularity, many people are still surprised to learn that they can add shutters onto patio doors – even patio doors which run on a track system (bi-folding). We provide a comprehensive guide to all there is to know about bespoke patio door shutters for your home.

Why are shutters a better option for patio doors than curtains?

Shutters not only provide a clean and stylish look that can enhance the overall aesthetics of your patio doors and the surrounding space, but they also offer a more contemporary and streamlined appearance. After all, curtains can sometimes create a more cluttered look. Furthermore, shutters offer many practical benefits compared with curtains, including simultaneous light control and privacy, ventilation, durability, ease of maintenance, and longevity. We look at each of the benefits of choosing shutters to dress your patio doors in further detail.

Why are shutters an excellent choice for patio doors?

Privacy and light control

Many people worry that adding shutters will block out the light they have tried so hard to encourage by installing their patio doors in the first place. Fear not, plantation shutters do not block out light. In fact, unlike curtains or blinds, patio and French door shutters optimise the light. The adjustable slats allow you to control how much light enters your rooms. With the full coverage of patio door shutters, you also get complete privacy when desired. If your patio shutters are on a track, you can even open them up fully when neither light control nor privacy are a requirement.

Custom-made to fit

Patio doors and French doors can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes depending on your configuration, design, and door opening. Therefore, it is vital to find a window dressing which can be customised to fit exactly. With our bespoke interior shutters you don’t need to worry about unusual shapes, irregular measurements, or wide expanses, as the shutters are made to measure. We measure and install with absolute precision to ensure a perfect fit to the opening of your doors and windows.

Timeless style

Shutters are a long-term investment for your patio doors. Unlike curtains that may fade, fray, or become outdated over time, shutters offer a timeless appeal which can withstand changing design trends. They can be enjoyed for many years to come. Plus, with so many styles, configurations, and louvre sizes to choose from, you will certainly find a shutter style to suit your property, whether traditional (including period homes) or contemporary.

The price

While the initial outlay of bespoke shutters will be more than a pair of curtains, they will last you a lifetime – unlike curtains and blinds! Plus, your investment is likely to add value to your property, as well as save you money for cooling and heating your home long term. So, whatever you spend initially will be more than recouped during the lifetime of your shutters.

Insulation gains

Installing shutters will add an extra layer of insulation. This isn’t just by providing an additional barrier to heat loss and heat gain, but also because the quality of the materials will reduce the amount of heat transfer via your rooms too. You’ll soon notice and appreciate a lower monthly energy bill.

Security gains

When it’s warm and sunny outside, you will naturally want to keep the patio doors open. Shutters will allow you ventilate your home without young children or pets going into the garden un-observed. Our security shutter range adds further protection, reducing the risk of any children in the household being able to open them up. Window shutters are completely safe with children in the house.

Which style shutters are best for patio doors?

Bi-folding and by-pass shutter systems

Made to measure track mounted shutter systems are a perfect choice for wide openings, such as patio doors. By-pass and bi-fold systems offer distinct functional benefits for different uses.

Bi-fold shutters hinge multiple shutter panels together and fold in a concertina-like manner along a track. Alternatively, by-pass shutters are configured so two or more shutter panels slide horizontally past each other on the track.

Tracked system shutters such as these are hung from aluminium tracks instead of being hinged on each side. This allows for proper support and allows them to look incredible whilst offering easy, efficient performance. The track is typically placed at the top of the door recess, with the shutters using small wheels to move side to side by running along the inside of the track. The shutters can be designed to fold to the left or right or can be split centrally for folding to each side.

Bi-fold and by-pass shutters are suitable to all shutter styles except for tier-on-tier shutters because shutters hang from a top mounted track.

Full height shutters

Full height shutters will cover the whole of your patio door and, if they are mounted onto a track system from above, there will be no frame piece on the bottom that you will need to step over when you venture outside. Full height shutters can also feature a mid-rail to hide handles and offer adjustable louvres so you can control the level of light in your rooms.

A mid-rail feature also allows you to differentiate the lower rail from the top rail. For example, if your patio door has a solid bottom section and a glazed top section, you may wish to have a solid bottom shutter section, with a top louvered section. This is also a popular choice for anyone wanting to create a traditional, farmhouse type feels for their shutters.

Solid bottom half shutters also have the added benefit of being easier to clean when dirt enters from outside.

Colours for patio door shutters

If you can’t find the colour you are looking for among our 28 standard colours or 20 stained finishes for patio door shutters, we can create and match custom colours from a variety of popular paint brands. These include Dulux, RAL, Farrow & Ball, Fired Earth, Paint & Paper Library, and Little Greene. We can even match using any sample you supply!

Which style shutters are best for patio doors?

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