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Plantation Shutters for bay windows

Shutters for bay windows have become increasingly popular with clients that we fit for in the South of England. There has been a rise in demand for this type of fitment as many of the houses in and around this area tend to have this kind of Window design and shape and can often be difficult to find the correct solution and window dressing. Traditional fittings such as curtains can be hard to use and manage in bay windows due to the awkward angles and curtain poles then become near on impossible to fit. Blinds can be used but because of the amount of different faces to the window, multiple head rails are needed which means that you are left with unsightly gaps between each blind fitment, which also is not a great solution for privacy! Bespoke, custom made plantation shutters are a perfect solution for this kind of window, leaving no gaps or open areas because of the bay post made to fit around every angle of the area. By using this kind of fitment the shutters can be well positioned closely to the windows, which other dressings just can’t manage. Because of the way they sit flat with each surface, the room can often look bigger and can be a great solution for not only living rooms, but bedrooms. Plantation Shutters for bay windows are available in many different styles and finishes to suit everyone’s tastes and existing décor. These shutters are easily adjustable and make for a user friendly yet stylish solution which can be fitted with top and bottom sections that work independently.

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