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Bay Window Bedroom Shutters for Home in Beckenham

John was in the local area of Beckenham to install these bay window shutters to our clients bedroom. The new shutters would allow for the perfect mix of lighting and privacy at any time of day or night, also combined with the clients existing curtains which can be pulled across the whole area if required.

As you can see the existing curtains did not allow for a fit around the actual bay window, but are instead fitted on a straight pole running the length or the wall, meaning that although they added some privacy, they did not stop much light entering and also get in the way of the sofa area.

The shutters on the other hand are completely made to measure and fit the exact lines and contours of the windows, allowing for a millimetre perfect fit, which not only perfectly stop light seepage when closed, but create a great barrier of insulation for the home. They also open up the bay window area so that the seating can be easier used and create more space.

These full height shutters were manufactured using white teak and finished in a pure white paint with matching hinges, the shutters look fantastic against the white framing of the windows. We used 89mm louvres with a split tilt rod, which if you look closely you can see allows for the top and bottom louvres to be adjusted separately, also matching up with the window lines behind!

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