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Posted on 9 February 2017

Cubbyhole Shutters for Bathroom in Orpington, Bromley

We were asked by a customer in our local area of Bromley to come up with a solution for their cubbyhole storage area in the bathroom. We love jobs like this where we can use our bespoke shutters to create the perfect solution for parts of the home that are not necessarily windows or doors.

cubby hole closed

The client was looking to have shutters acting as a door for the cubbyhole, which would obviously look far better and create a great look in this modern bathroom. With the shutters fitted and closed, items can be kept in the storage area out of view and keep the bathroom interior looking great at all times.

We created a stylish cupboard using custom sized shutters and the use of a deep bullnose z frame fitted to the front of the recess, which also hides any uneven gaps on the recess tiling for the shutters to fit perfectly into.

cubbyhole open

The shutters themselves were made from out Sumatra Range of White Teak which is natural water resistant so perfect for areas such as bathrooms and wet rooms where there is contact with moisture. These shutters will not be coming into direct contact with water so the white teak is a great option!

We finished the shutters in silk white with nickel plated hinges, thick 76mm louvres and a hidden tilt rod option, which allows for the louvres to still be adjusted via touch. Yes… even though these shutters are for a cubbyhole the louvres still open and close as they would on a window!  We think this is a nice option for keeping partial view into the storage area.

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