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Posted on 15 June 2020

Door Shutters for Property in New Build Estate in Sidcup, Kent

Here at ShuttersUp our team love a good challenge when it comes to creating the perfect shutters for our clients. In this case, we were approached by a customer with a new build property who wished to have shutters fitted to their balcony door and window area.

door shutters new build estate sidcup kent 1

Ben was on hand to carry out the installation in a new build estate in Sidcup, Kent. They were told by another shutter company that they were unable to have shutters due to the door opening inwards. Although more challenging to design shutters around this, we were keen to come up with a custom solution which not only worked perfectly but look great!

door shutters new build estate sidcup kent 2

As you can see our bespoke shutters are able to neatly fold to each side and importantly allow for the door top fully open inwards with no issues. You can see if you look carefully, the custom shutter design applied to the area left of the door.

door shutters new build estate sidcup kent 3

The shutters were created in a full height style with mid rail positioned to match the line of the window behind, not only adding strength but allowing for the top and bottom 76mm louvres to be adjusted independently.

door shutters new build estate sidcup kent 4

We created the shutters from our Samoa hardwood range and finished them in pure white with matching hinges. The customer was delighted that we were able to bring their idea to life!

door shutters new build estate sidcup kent 5

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