Full Height Antigua Shutters for Home in Redhill, Surrey

Tom was in Redhill, Surrey to install some of our shutters to this client’s home. The customer had contemporary styling in the home and wanted shutters that would match, also wishing to take advantage of the great flexibility of lighting and privacy that they also provide!

The windows we were installing the shutters were of different sizes, with one narrow one and a taller, wider one in the bedroom area. Although the sizing of the shutters are very different, we are able to match material, style and finish on the shutters so that from inside and outside of the property they match in looks.

We used full height style shutters, created with mid rails which line up with the windows behind and add the extra flexibility when adjusting. You will even see where the split is on the narrower shutters, where the tilt rods meet. All tilt rods were installed centrally over all shutter panels to add some tradition to the install which the client was keen to feature.

All shutters were finished in lovely pure white paint which works wonders with the interior. We love the lighting effect that sits above the shutters in the entertainment room, which our shutters have helped to transform for the customer!

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