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Posted on 12 September 2018

Sunburst Shaped Shutters for Landing of Home in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

A customer approached us looking for us to install some shutters to their landing window in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. They were keen to take advantage of our bespoke shutter design and installation service as they felt that curtains or venetian blinds would not be a great solution for them. Luke was on hand for the install.

sunburst shutters tunbridge wells

Our shutters sit flush against the window or wall recess, compared to traditional window dressings which would protrude out into the area, in this case a narrow stairway and landing which would make the area feel cluttered and even narrower to walk past day to day.

The shutters also really look the part on a window like this. With the rounded top the client was keen to have the sunburst shape and louvres used, with a standard full height design below. The sunburst at the top is cleverly designed so that all louvres can be opened, adjusted and closed, as well as the panel hinged to open downwards for access to the window behind!

The full height section of the shutters open out left and right for access behind and all louvres are adjusted by touch without need for any visible tilt rod. Again adding to the minimal feel of the shutters and creating an uncluttered look on the landing.

The shutters are created using teak hardwood from our Sumatra range and feature 64mm louvres all finished in a lovely silk white with matching hinges. We think you will agree that these shutters have worked wonders in this landing area!

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