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Posted on 3 May 2018

Tier on Tier Shutters for Master Bedroom of Property in Bromley, Kent

Tina contacted us because she wanted some more plantation shutters installed to her property just down the road from us in Bromley, Kent. This installation was to take place in the master bedroom with shutters designed to match the other shutters located throughout the rooms in the home.

master bedroom shutters bromley inside

We were working with 2 different sized windows in the bedroom, with one needing 4 rows of panels and the other 3. By surveying the room and windows before we design the shutters we can be sure of the perfect fit every time, with shutters that match in style, colour and appearance even if the windows are sized differently.

These shutters were created from our quality Fiji hardwood range in a tier on tier style with beaded stiles. Our tier on tier range is the most flexible solution we offer, with a lower and upper section which not only can be adjusted separately but can be fully opened and closed separately.

master bedroom shutters bromley outside

The client opted for hidden tilt rods, creating a modern touch to a traditional window dressing, a style that is very popular among our customers as removing the visible rods makes for a cleaner, more minimal feel to the shutters. All shutters were finished in pure white with matching hinges which is the same colour as the other shutters within the property. Tom carried out this installation for Tina, who was thoroughly happy with the end result!

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