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Traditional Bay Window Shutters for Living Room of Home in Essex

Our client Michael from Essex was looking to have some new shutters designed and installed in his living room area. The customer had a lovely bay window area with a traditional green wooden surround and wanted traditionally styled shutters to match.

Ben was in Essex to carry out the installation of these shutters, which were designed with precision accuracy to fit the exact sizing and angles of the bay window area. As you can see the bay is made up of a middle section, which we have built 4 narrow panels for and two side window sections which will also feature shutters of the same style but slightly wider.

The shutters and hinges have been designed with a pure white finish to match the walls of the room, but also stand out as a focal point within the green wood surrounding area. Each panel is made in a tier on tier style which allows for maximum adjustment and opening and closing of the top and bottom sections.

We used 63mm louvres with centralised tilt rods, which on narrow shutters like this really creates a traditional look which suits the area they are placed, whilst also making adjusting the shutters easier for the homeowner. The shutters are created from our Antigua range and use plain stiles.

Michael was thoroughly happy with the look and feel of his new shutters and we feel that although the shutters have greatly improved the look of the window, they also look as if they have always been there!

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