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Posted on 3 November 2018

White Teak Tier on Tier Shutters for Bedroom in Croydon, Surrey

James was in recently Croydon, Surrey an area where ShuttersUp have a large and growing client base, not too far from our head office. This time we were installing some tier on tier shutters for a customers main bedroom. They were looking to get the most from their bedroom window when it came to privacy, while still maintaining a good amount of light.

white teak bedroom shutters croydon

The customer opted for our tier on tier shutters which are the best of both worlds. With a split in the middle the shutters can be opened, closed and adjusted separately top and bottom. For example the bottom panels could be left fully closed with louvres shut, with the top section either flung open or adjusted to allow for lighting into the room.

With 8 panels in total, 4 top and 4 bottom, each panel can be separately adjusted for even better control of light. They also neatly bifold out the way and because of this take up far less space than having 2 large panels top and bottom. This is great for smaller rooms or where the panels will cause clutter or restrict space.

We created the shutters in a white teak wood from our Sumatra range in the tier on tier style with hidden tilt rods for a clean, yet still traditional finish to match the room. The louvres are 64mm with a lovely silk white finish and matching hinges.

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