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Antigua Shutters

Beautiful shutters that don’t cost the earth

At ShuttersUp, we believe our customers should never have to compromise on quality. Our Antigua shutter range is manufactured from grade A MDF and finished with a protective coating. Antigua is robust shutter that is affordable for all. Get in touch to find out more by calling 020 8776 1484.

Choose the design of your Antigua shutters

Different spaces can call for different shutter designs. Explore the options you can achieve with Antigua.

Full height

Boasting clean, elegant lines, it’s no surprise that full height shutters are a favourite amongst our customers. Covering your window or door from top to bottom provides both privacy and light control when you need it.

Tier on tier

Our most versatile shutter solution, tier on tier shutters, boast twin panels that operate independently, allowing you to tailor your light and privacy levels to suit any need. They are the perfect solution for overlooked rooms or properties on busy streets.


Typically, installed on the lower portion of a window, our Café style shutters grant privacy at eye level whilst natural light can continue to flood the room. They are a popular solution for both residential and commercial premises.

Track system

Wherever a long run of shutters are required, track system shutters provide an unobtrusive and long lasting solution. With two tracked system options to choose from, we can help you create the perfect shutter solution.

Explore the options for your Antigua shutters

Antigua shutters are manufactured from grade A MDF, a hard-wearing material that is ideal for the hustle and bustle of busy family life in every room. As with all of our ranges, we have many finishing options to choose from to allow every customer to create custom shutters that are perfectly Made For You.


We care about getting things just right. Take a look at our customers reviews both past and present and see what they have to say about our service and the bespoke shutter solutions we provide.

Receive a quote for your Cuba shutters

Let us help you to create shutters that transform your home. All you need to do is get in touch! Call 020 8776 1484 or email at [email protected] today.

Explore the finishes for your Antigua shutters

Tilt rods

We want to create shutters are Made For You, right down to the little details of the adjustment of the louvres. We can fit tilt rods in a variety of ways, providing you with a finish that you love and operation that you can rely on. This includes centred, offset, and hidden fittings.

Louvre sizes

Our range of louvre sizes can provide a variety of aesthetics, purposes, and effects. During your initial consultation with us, we bring along an array of samples, allowing you to select the best louvre size for your project.

Finishing touches

As every customer deserves, each Antigua shutter we install is finished to the highest standard. Finished with a protective coating to ensure you receive lasting, beautiful and hardwearing shutters for your home.

Have a question?

Find the answer on our FAQs page. If you can’t see what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We are here to help.

Find out more about our Antigua shutters

If Antigua shutters feel like the right fit for your home, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free home consultation. We will be happy to visit to discuss your requirements and help design the perfect shutters that are Made For You. Get in touch by calling 020 8776 1484, emailing [email protected], or filling out our contact form.

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