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Plantation Shutter Style Wardrobe Doors

Add a unique feature to your room

Wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes, which may seem impossible in an aesthetically pleasing way. We can help you to create beautiful, custom made shutters that provide easy access whilst enhancing your interior décor. Whether you prefer a louvred design or our classic solid style panels, you’ll be able to create shutters that seamlessly fit their surroundings. Learn more about the difference that shutters can make to your wardrobe by speaking to a member of our team on 020 8776 1484.

Personalise your wardrobe with plantation shutters

Shutters are a creative alternative to traditional wardrobe doors, adding extra visual appeal to the room. You’ll be able to choose from a varied range of styles, materials, and finishes, creating a design that’s tailored to your specific style and preferences. Wardrobe shutters are also highly durable, giving you confidence that they’ll hold up to daily use and will retain their attractive appearance for years to come.

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Arrange your wardrobe shutter design consultation

Shutters are our product, but people are our business. Let us help you to create shutters that you can cherish for years to come. Call 020 8776 1484 or email [email protected] to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation for your wardrobe shutters.

Made-to-measure shutters for your wardrobe

Your wardrobe shutters will be made to the exact dimensions of your wardrobe. This makes them the ideal choice for bespoke wardrobes, cabinetry, and storage units, such as those found in loft rooms. If you have a built-in wardrobes or a wardrobe that is an unusual shape, you can receive a special shaped solution that will provide the precise fit you require. We follow a ‘measure twice, cut once’ approach to ensure that there are no unsightly gaps to detract from the finished appearance of your wardrobe shutters.

What makes wardrobe shutters a great choice?

Choosing plantation shutters over traditional wardrobe doors can offer a wide range of practical benefits. Once installed, wardrobe shutters will let you:

Keep clothes out of view

Louvre and solid panel designs are equally suited to hiding your wardrobe contents. Once closed, shutters will let you avoid prying eyes.

Simplify your cleaning routine

Shutters are a low maintenance solution. Any dust can be removed with a damp cloth, and that’s all it takes to keep your shutters looking their best.

Add visual appeal

Introduce plenty of style with an attractive set of wardrobe shutters. With so many options to explore, you can add lots of visual aesthetics to your room.

Encourage air flow

A louvred design allows you to ventilate the contents of your wardrobe, even if your louvres are fixed in place. Shutters prevent clothing from becoming musty.

A range of wardrobe shutter designs for every style

You have plenty of options to consider when choosing a shutter design for your wardrobe. Full height shutters will cover the entire body of your wardrobe, creating a door that has plenty of visual appeal. As light control isn’t necessary for wardrobe shutters, the louvres can also be fixed in place to create a rigid and reliable cover for your wardrobe’s contents. If you prefer a sleek, minimalistic look, solid shutters will allow you to create understated wardrobe doors. We can also create sliding or folding doors for your wardrobe by installing a track system which will achieve a fluid movement with the panels of your choice.

Shutter solutions, Made For You

You’ll have lasting peace of mind when you choose our wardrobe shutters, receiving a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime maintenance warranty. This reflects the quality of their construction, and our confidence that you’ll be thrilled with your shutters. If you wish to spread the cost of your brand-new wardrobe shutters, we also offer a 0% finance option for up to 18 months.

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