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Plantation Shutters For A Games Room

Bring versatility to your games room

Your games room will undoubtably be an area within your home which is loved by friends and family equally. Having invested in a pool table, sound system, or arcade-style games, why not add a feature that enhances the style of your games room, secures it, and provides extra insulation? A unique shutter solution can achieve this and so much more. To explore your options, get in touch with our team by calling 020 8776 1484.

Create the right ambience with games room shutters

As such a unique room, and one which you will be proud of, the ambience within your games room will be of significant importance. Whether your games room is occupied by the children, used to entertain friends and family, or utilised as a man cave, you’ll find a shutter solution that can provide the tailored level of light and privacy you need. Bespoke shutters can create the right atmosphere for your games room.

Made-to-measure shutters for your games room

You’ll receive the perfect shutters for your games room, even if you require a special shaped solution. Our ‘measure twice, cut once’ approach ensures that every detail is accounted for, leaving you with the perfect finish. There won’t be any unsightly gaps and the precise fit will maximise their insulating, light-blocking, and noise-dampening qualities. Your made-to-measure games room shutters are sure to exceed your expectations.

See what our customers say

Discover the difference that shutters can make to games room windows by reading the reviews from our customers. They’ll show what you can expect from our award-winning service and our products.

Arrange your games room shutter design consultation

Create a more versatile games room with plantation shutters. Take the step towards gaining your own shutters by arranging a free, no-obligation consultation with a member of our team. Just call 020 8776 1484 email [email protected].

Plantation shutters for every games room window

Whether your games room is tucked away in your loft room or kept outside in your garden room, you can craft a tailored design that will meet all your needs. We can even provide specialist options that let you make your games room shutters even more versatile. A tracked system will let you enjoy shutters that open and close with ease, whilst a motorised solution offers the ultimate in convenience and is sure to impress any guests.

What makes games room shutters a great choice?

Plantation shutters are a versatile feature that will make a great addition to any games room. Investing in bespoke shutters for this all-important space will let you:

Block out harsh sunlight

Shutters are second to none for light control. They let you create shade on demand, block harsh sunlight, and maintain the ideal atmosphere to relax with.

Limit disturbances

The high-quality construction of your shutters will help to reduce disturbances such as external noises, whilst also preventing the noises created in the games room from travelling and disturbing others.

Simplify your cleaning routine

Maintaining shutters is as simple as removing dust and allergens with a cloth. This low maintenance feature will ensure you can enjoy your shutters with minimal effort.

Preserve your privacy

Tilting the louvres on your games room shutters will give you the privacy you need whilst allowing natural light to enter at the same time.

A range of games room shutter designs for every style

With a range of shutter designs to choose from, the options for your games room are vast. You can personalise your shutters with a variety of painted or stained finishes that will enhance the style of your games room. From tilt rod placement through to louvre sizing, you will have the final say over these details, ensuring your games room shutter solution accommodates all your requirements.

Shutter solutions, Made For You

You’ll only ever receive shutters that have been custom Made For You. This includes the processes we follow, as well as the products we provide. You’ll receive lasting peace of mind through a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime maintenance warranty, demonstrating the quality of your shutters and our service. Plus, we provide the option of 0% finance up to 18 months.

Have a question about games room shutters?

Your games room windows will be a worthwhile investment, but you may have a question or two. Head over to our FAQs page – we are confident we have the answers you are looking for.

Tell us your games room shutter requirements

Let’s work together to create shutters that complement your games room whilst offering light control, insulation and privacy when needed. Call 020 8776 1484, email [email protected], or fill out our contact form to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

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