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Bathroom Shutters

The bathroom is a room in the home where you and your family regularly require privacy and what better way than some of our bespoke shutters specifically created for bathrooms and wet rooms!

Many of our clients are looking to redecorate their bathrooms and bring the look right up to date with a set of modern shutters.

The great thing about using our shutters in a bathroom is that we have specifically made waterproof shutters which will not become damaged or warped when coming into contact with water and moisture. Whether you have a family bathroom, en-suites or toilets that need are in need of a new window dressing, we have the perfect solutions for all sizes and types of window areas.

Shutters can blend seamlessly with existing and new décor no matter which room they are put in. We can match your new bathroom shutters to match other shutters in the home or create and finish them based on the styling of your bathroom area. We have a wide selection of styles and shapes available to suit all types of windows and decors found in bathrooms.

Using shutters in your bathroom is a great way to keep the area private while still maintaining great light and airflow. By using a tilt rod or hidden tilt rod system the louvres can be adjusted anywhere from fully open to complete blackout privacy. With our special waterproof material and coatings there is also no worry about moisture touching the shutters when adjusting them from the bath for example.

We have many examples of customer jobs carried out in bathrooms of a wide range of different properties with different requirements. Many clients look to have shutters fitted to further enhance and modernise the look of their newly renovated rooms, or just as a more practical and stylish window solution for an existing bathroom. No matter why you require your new shutters we can advise you on the best shutters for your exact home and situation.

All our shutters are fully made to measure which means that unlike other window dressings they fit perfectly with no light leakage around the edges. It is also a great way of keeping warmth and energy in the room acting as a natural insulation barrier, which is perfect for rooms such as bathrooms and toilets which can often get cold in the winter months!

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