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Bedroom Shutters

Shutters for bedrooms throughout the home are one of the main areas that we get asked to carry out installations. Whether you are looking for shutters for your master bedroom or children’s bedrooms, we have different styles and types of shutters to suit all needs and tastes.

Having shutters fitted in your bedroom is a convenient way to adjust the light and privacy that enters your room. They also act as a great natural layer of insulation to help keep you warmer at night! All our shutters can be wiped clean which helps keep away the dust from your bedrooms, perfect for those family members with allergies.

Shutters help to provide any room they are installed in with a new look and often a complete modernisation of the room, no matter if your room has its existing décor or you are in the process of redecorating. We can create the shutters in many styles, sizes and finishes, taking into account your own ideas and tastes when designing the perfect shutters for your bedroom. When it comes to children’s bedrooms we can create bright and colourful shutters, which we have created in the past much to the delight of the kids that use the rooms.

Getting a good night sleep is one of the most important parts of your bedroom, so it is important that you have a quality window dressing which will help with your sleep and privacy. Our shutters are created bespoke to the sizing and shape of your windows, which means unlike other window dressings we can guarantee a millimetre perfect finish around all recesses of the window. This means that when you fully close the shutters you can achieve near full blackout, great for those that find it hard to sleep with light and moonlight shining through the windows. Many of our customers have complained of street lighting and car lights passing the house which our shutters have completely solved.

As well as creating blackout and privacy from the outdoors, our shutters also act as a natural form of insulation to help keep your room warm in turn saving on energy bills. Not many people realise but our wooden shutters also help as a barrier against sound outside. Combined with double glazing windows you can practically eliminate loud sounds that you often hear outside, again helping to give you a good night’s sleep. These are just some of the benefits of our bespoke shutters, which is why many of our clients jump at the chances to have our shutters created for their bedrooms!


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