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Plantation Shutters In White

ShuttersUp crafts elegant white plantation shutters, designed to bring a fresh and modern lift to any interior. We aim to infuse your home with a sense of brightness and space. Renowned for their classic appeal, these shutters not only offer versatile style solutions but also stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence in bespoke window dressing. Step into the world of ShuttersUp and let our white plantation shutters transform your home with their pristine beauty and functional design.

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Why Choose White Plantation Shutters?

ShuttersUp’s white shutter blinds offer a stylish and practical choice. White shutters are a firm favourite due to their clean appearance and ability to brighten any room, reflecting natural light to create an inviting atmosphere. They offer the ultimate blend of privacy and light control, with a crisp, neutral palette that complements any colour scheme, providing a flawless backdrop for any home decor style.

Why Are White Shutters So Popular?

White shutter blinds have soared in popularity for their versatility and timeless charm. They serve as an impeccable canvas that illuminates and enlarges a space’s appearance and brings a cohesive look to homes of varying architectural styles. The unassuming colour simplifies design choices, ensuring the shutters will endure changing trends and personal tastes.


Benefits of White Shutters

White shutters aren’t just a stylish addition to your home decor, they also bring numerous functional advantages to any space. Chosen for their classic aesthetic, they offer a range of benefits that go beyond their timeless elegance.

Average reduction in heatloss
Most popular shutter colour
white shutters

How our service works

  • At ShuttersUp, we provide a custom colour swatching service to ensure your White shutters align with your unique design vision. Our dedicated team collaborates with you to find the ideal White shade, whether you desire a matte finish or a glossy sheen. This personalised approach allows for a perfect match with your interior decor, resulting in shutters that seamlessly integrate into your home’s aesthetic.
  • Discover the diverse range of colours available for your plantation shutters in our colour palette section. This feature not only facilitates easy navigation to other colour sections but also showcases the various possibilities and inspires you for your own projects. Explore everything from classic whites to bold custom shades, and envision how different colours can transform your space.
  • Our service at ShuttersUp is designed to be smooth and customer-focused. It starts with a consultation to understand your style and requirements, followed by a detailed survey of your windows. We then craft your bespoke white shutter blinds to precise measurements, establishing a flawless fit. Finally, our expert installers fit your shutters at a time that suits you, completing the transformation of your space with minimal disruption.

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Multi Award Winning

Our shutters are celebrated for their outstanding quality and design, having garnered multiple awards. Trust in the distinction of ShuttersUp — where every shutter is a mark of excellence.

0% Finance For Up To 18 Months

Invest in your home’s beauty and comfort with our flexible finance options. Enhance your space with ShuttersUp’s bespoke shutters, made more accessible with 0% finance available for up to 18 months.

Reduce Heat Loss By Up To 64%

Make your home a sanctuary of efficiency with ShuttersUp shutters that can significantly cut heat loss. Improve your comfort and reduce your energy bills simultaneously.

Recent White Shutters Work

Full Height Shutters

Putney Home Installation

Ben was in PutneyLondon to help our customer with the perfect window dressing to complement their new kitchen extension area. Coming off the kitchen this was a great little area to relax on the sofa, now looking even better with some of our plantation shutters!

shutters white
Full Height Shutters

Dartford Installation

A customer approached us looking for some window shutters for their son’s new bedroom which was part of a loft conversion. Kirk was on hand to carry out the installation at the home in Dartford, Kent.

Box bay window shutters - Café-style shutters
Security Shutters

Bromley Security Shutters

One product we are really proud of is our Security shutters range. Combining the perfect mix of security and style, our security shutters offer our clients protection in the home without having to sacrifice on the design or look.

Top Tips & Common Questions For White Shutters

Dive into our collection of articles and buying guides for expert advice on styling plantation shutters in your home. Whether you’re embarking on a full home renovation or simply refreshing a room, our tips and case studies provide you with the inspiration and know-how to elevate your space with ShuttersUp.

What makes white plantation shutters a popular choice for homes?

White shutters offer a timeless and versatile look, reflecting light to brighten rooms and creating an illusion of space.

Are white plantation shutters challenging to keep clean?

No, they are quite easy to maintain. Regular dusting and occasional wipes with a damp cloth keep them pristine.

Will the white colour of the shutters fade over time?

Our white plantation shutters are treated to resist fading, ensuring they maintain their bright, clean appearance for years to come.

Can white shutters complement any interior design style?

Absolutely. White is a neutral colour that complements any decor, from classic to contemporary.

Remember, for further information or if you have specific concerns, our ShuttersUp team is ready to provide you with personalised assistance.

Does sunlight affect the paint on your shutters?

Our shutters are either painted using a cellulose base paint or they are coated with polyurethane. This means that our shutters have great protection against UV rays and discolouration.