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Tier on Tier

No other window dressing can match the versatility of tier-on-tier shutters. The twin panels can be opened independently, like stable doors, giving you ultimate control over light and privacy in your room.

Maintain privacy, let in light

Tier-on-tier shutters are the perfect choice for overlooked rooms or homes on busy streets. Closing the lower tier gives you total privacy in the living space, with the upper tier thrown open to let in all the natural light you want.

The shutter for all seasons

The multitude of combinations of open and closed panels and slats makes tier-on-tier the perfect all-weather shutter. Open it all up in the summer for maximum ventilation and light; keep everything snugly closed in winter for warmth and comfort when you want it most.

No other window dressing or shutter style on the market can offer the versatility that tier upon tier shutters can. The slats can move independently top and bottom allowing easy light control but the panels also open like stable doors meaning that you can fold back just the top section of panels to allow maximum light whilst keeping privacy at all times.

Closing the bottom section allows for lower level privacy while still being able to have maximum light in through the top section. Tier on Tier shutters are ideal for busy and built up areas where privacy is paramount as their ability to offer light and privacy simultaneously cannot be mimicked by any other window dressing.

This style of shutters is fast becoming one of our most popular styles because of the ultimate flexibility of the panels, allowing the homeowner to adjust the shutters in a multitude of different ways which just can’t be achieved in the same way with other styles.

More about Tier on Tier Shutters…

Their ultimate functionality makes them Ideal in all weather conditions, including summer and winter conditions while also acting as a great solution for those who need privacy at different levels.

Tier on Tier Shutters are much like Full Height Shutters with a mid rail, but with this style you can actually open and close the sections independently rather than the whole panel moving as one.

Why Shutters? Bespoke Shutters are a stylish and robust solution, offering full control of lighting and privacy throughout your rooms at all times. Not only do they look fantastic, but are very easy to use and built to last. Our shutters can be designed and fitted to any room and window recesses, a made to measure solution which is unrivalled by all other window dressings. Find out more

Completely Bespoke

All our shutters our designed around your home and personal preferences, using our expert knowledge and advice to come up with the perfect solution. There are a multitude of styles, materials, finishes and colours to use, as well as many special shapes that can be used for even the most awkward of windows. With so much choice, there is a bespoke solution to suit all!

Control of Light

By simply moving the shutter louvres or operating the tilt rods, you can quickly and easily control the level of light in each room. We also have remote control operation available as an upgrade, allowing for multiple shutters and panels to be adjusted via remote. This process can be automated allowing for opening and closing of the shutters at set times throughout the day or night. Perfect for hard to each areas.

Fantastic Privacy

One of the advantages of shutters is the ability to allow either complete or partial privacy. Depending on your privacy needs, we can advise you on the type of shutters that will work best. Many of our customers opt for split panels on their shutters, which allows for the top and bottom to be operated separately.

Great Insulation

Shutters are one of the best window dressings to help keep heat and warmth within the property, helping avoid heat and energy from escaping. Because our shutters are made to measure, we can really create the perfect fit which acts as a great seal and shield. You just can’t achieve anywhere near the same level with curtains and blinds.

Guaranteed Quality

Our shutters come complete with a 3 year guarantee on all panels as standard. Our shutters are manufactured to the highest standards by one of the world’s top manufacturing facilities. All shutters are engineered to stand the test of time and finished perfectly using top quality timber and styled to your exact specification.


Shutters are well known as a great eco-friendly window solution. Utilising great insulation properties they can really help keep down heat loss throughout the home, helping to save energy wastage which in turn can reduce energy bills.

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