Eco-Friendly FSC Certified Shutters

eco friendly shutters

We are able to supply and fit eco-friendly shutters made from FSC certified materials grown on the island of Kolombangara in the Solomon Islands. This area nurtures a host of protected forests and a plantation area with over 14,330 hectares of mixed indigenous and exotic wood species perfect for commercial use including plantation shutters! This plantation has had FSC Certification status since 1998.


Many of our customers are looking to use environmentally friendly products wherever possible, both in interior design and day to day life. The eco-friendly teak shutters we offer are made from some of the finest quality timber and are an ideal solution for joinery and carpentry including the manufacturing of our shutters. Shutters made from this material can be finished to very high standards in stains, varnishes and solid paints. We can currently offer this solution in 32 stains and 28 standard painted contemporary colours, with the option of a colour matching service for those that want a specific finish. There are many other options that can be added to our eco-friendly shutters including different louvre sizes and a remote control system.

By sourcing eco-friendly teak and shutters from FSC Certified partners you can be confident about the source of the materials, know that the wood has been audited by a regulated third party and help promote further supplies of this sustainable material.

Other Eco-Friendly Options

As well as the material of our shutters, we can supply remote control system shutters which utilise solar panels integrated into the shutters, so that the shutters themselves need no electricity and cause no wastage of power and resources. Not only does this help the environment but lowers your power consumption.

General Eco-Friendly Properties of our Shutters

Shutters in general are a great eco-friendly solution compared to many other traditional window dressings available. Their fantastic insulation properties throughout the year, especially in the colder seasons can really help drive down loss of heat and energy throughout your rooms and whole property. This in turn helps cut down on energy usage and spend! If you have any questions regarding the eco-friendly properties of our window shutters, please do not hesitate to contact us.