Shutter Finishes

shutter finishes

Completely bespoke and unique to you, plantation shutters offer an array of finishes and extras to complement and enhance your home or office. From remote control operated shutters to custom colour matching services, we have an elegant range of finishes which just might take your fancy.


  • Antigua Range = A
  • Bali Range = B
  • Cuba Range = C
  • Java Range = J
  • Fiji Range = F
  • Sumatra Range = S

Offset tilt rods

Traditionally, tilt rods are placed within the centre of a shutter to operate the slats. However, offsetting tilt rods either to the left or right of the centre can be a very effective and unique way of styling your shutters.

Available in: A, B, C, J, F,  S

Silent tilt rods

Although characteristic and traditional, tilt rods are not always suited to everyone’s taste. Our Silent tilt rod range means that there will be no rods on show, ideal for those looking for something a little more simplistic. Our silent tilt range is created by fixing mechanisms within the stiles of the shutter, allowing easy operation of the slats.

Available in: A, B, C, J, F, S

Colour matching services

Although we have many standard colours and stains available, sometimes it’s nice to be a little more specific. That’s why we offer a colour matching service, matching all colours including paints from big brands such as Dulux and Farrow & Ball.

Available in: A, S

Paint effects

Matching colours to your specific requirements is just one aspect of the way we can finish your shutters. Here at ShuttersUp, you can even decide whether you would prefer your shutters to be a gloss, standard or matt finish.

Available in: F, S

Remote controlled shutters

At ShuttersUp, we are proud to provide some of the finest plantation shutters around. To add to this, we are pleased to offer remote controlled shutters where you can operate the slats at the push of a button. Ideal for Velux windows and high to reach openings, we are even able to produce solar remote controlled panels that will use the sun’s rays to recharge the batteries.

Available in: S

Blackout shutters

Ideal for those that are conscious of any light that may enter your room in the early hours of the morning, our blackout shutters offer a great solution to your problem. Consisting of a blackout honeycomb blind which is inserted with in the frame of our shutters behind the panels, this option offers maximum blackout in a stylish way.

Available in: A, B, C, J, F, S

Anti – bacterial (Hygienilac) Coating.

Mostly used within the commercial sector, we offer the new Hygienilac anti-bacterial coating. Perfect for hospitals, surgeries, nurseries and care homes, this unique coating kills around 99.9% of most bacteria over a 24 hour period. Hygeinilac even kills bacteria’s such as E.coli, Salmonella and deadly MRSA. What’s more, the coating goes on killing 99.9% of bacteria for the duration of its life time – as much as 10years!

Available in: A, B, C, J, F, S