Shutter Styles

Ultimately the style you choose will determine the way your shutters will look and function. Each has its own characteristics and benefits providing different levels of light and privacy. Detailed below are 5 unique shutter styles that we offer, ranging from full height shutters right through to bespoke shaped plantation shutters.

Full Height


The simple approach can sometimes be the most effective, that’s why our full height range is the most popular shutter style we have. Simply dressing your windows/doors from top to bottom, this style is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ideal for those with privacy issues. Fully covering your windows, this style also provides fantastic insulation, helping to save money on your heating bills. Suitable for all types of interiors and house types, our full height range is always worth considering.

tickSuitable for any room or interior including bedrooms and bathrooms.
tickThe best insulator of all styles, saving money on heating bills.
tickAdds significant privacy and security.

Visit our Full Height Shutters page for more information.

Tier on Tier


The most versatile of all ranges, our tier-upon-tier style plantation shutters are similar to that of barn doors. Allowing you to open the top panels independently from the bottom, this style offers maximum light and privacy when needed, never having to compromise between the two. An attractive style ideal for larger windows, tier upon tier is usually best suited for living areas and offices.

tickA versatile style that offers light and privacy when you need it.
tickA good insulator still covering your windows from top to bottom.
tickNever compromise between light and privacy.

Visit our Tier on Tier Shutters page for more information.

Cafe Style


Beautiful when dressed with or without curtains, Café style shutters often cover the bottom half of your windows, thus achieving maximum light at all times. However, interior shutters that cover two thirds of your window are not uncommon, providing more privacy in built up areas. Ideal for those looking to inject natural light into your home at all times, café style shutters are rarely considered for bedrooms.

tickBeautiful when dressed with or without curtains.
tickEnsures maximum light at all times.
tickCan be manufactured to provide extra privacy, ideal for those in built up areas.

Visit our Cafe Style Shutters page for more information.

Track Systems


Any large window or door opening can be rather awkward to dress. However, with our track operated shutter systems, which are easy to use, we offer some fantastic solutions to your problem.

Often used for wide expanses such as patio doors and room dividers, track operated systems offer additional support where required. Installing a track system also means that the shutters will simply slide along the track to either or one side, allowing easy access to other areas or windows.

tickTrack systems provide easy access to other areas or windows.
tickCovering your doors/windows from top to bottom, they act as a good insulator.
tickProvides a beautiful and functional solution to an otherwise awkward to dress opening.

Visit our Track System Shutters page for more information.



Working closely with our clients, we can determine the most convenient and attractive way of dressing an otherwise awkward window. Hard to dress using conventional curtains or blinds, bespoke shaped shutters often include circles, ovals, triangular and arched toped windows.

tickShutters provide a way of dressing awkward shaped windows.
tickEvery shaped shutter has its own bespoke design ensuring they function the way you desire.
tickA good insulator when compared with traditional window fittings.

Visit our Special Shape Shutters page for more information.

Solid Shutters


Solid style shutters offer a traditional way of dressing your windows. With the added bonus of near blackout when closed, this style of shutter is a favourite for bedrooms with traditional decors.

tickNear blackout when closed.
tickFantastic insulator and highly durable.
tick2 designs of solid style shutters to choose from.

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