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Remote Control for your Window Shutters


Many homeowners will appreciate the convenience of shutters that come with remote control functionality, which is why we offer this as an extra as part of our installation. With a handheld remote you can control shutters within any room and hard to reach spots such as in conservatories, high windows and in areas without convenient access. This is also great for larger homes with shutters in multiple rooms and also the elderly, who may have trouble operating shutters by hand. The remotes supplied with your shutters can be programmed to operate different shutters and panels individually or all at once. You are able to automate the opening and closing of shutters throughout the home to operate at a set time, day or night at the levels of your choice. This makes it easy to use your shutters throughout the day and at different times of the year. There is no hard wiring required when installing these shutters as they can run either from a concealed battery or solar panels fitted to the shutters themselves. The shutters are fitted in the same style as the standard shutters available, but with an operational louvre which through a control rod moves the other louvres at the same speed and angle as you desire. You can find out more information about some of the functionality options we offer on our website, or please feel free to contact our friendly team for information based around your individual requirements.

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