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Popular Window Shutter Styles


We can design and install several different styles of bespoke window shutters for our clients, which can be custom made to the layout and appearance of your window and room. There is a style to suit all personal preferences and applications. Below we will talk you through three of our popular styles.

Full Height Shutters

This is the most popular style of shutters and is usually fitted with a horizontal rail for support and divided with a middle rail that normally lines up with a rail on your current window. With this system in place you can adjust all the louvre blades either side to allow for different light levels or complete privacy. This simple approach can sometimes look and function the most effectively and because they dress the window from top to bottom are great for those who need privacy.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters

Also known as top opening shutters these can give you the best of all styles. This style is great for tall and narrow windows and allows you to open the top panels independently from the bottom section much like a stable door. Tier-on-Tier shutters can provide complete privacy but also allow for partial privacy with the bottom closed and top sections still open for light to still enter your room. These are great for street level windows but also look fantastic in all rooms. In a bedroom for example you can maintain privacy yet still have a clear view of the garden below.

Café Style Shutters

This style of shutters also known as half height shutters often cover the bottom half of your windows for maximum light, but are not uncommon covering two thirds of the window. These work really well in the kitchen area or living rooms that are overlooked by a street. This style will happily accommodate curtains or window blinds in the top half if needed. Many of our clients with Victorian Sash bay windows ask for this style.   We would love to discuss some of the other window shutter styles with you and offer a no obligation quote based on your room, window layout and own preferences. Getting the correct style of shutters is very important and with our expert knowledge and your own ideas we can come up with the perfect solution!

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