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Posted on 21 February 2022

Slatted shutters – your questions answered

The most frequent questions our Design Consultants get asked when conducting customer site visits are associated with the slats on shutters.


Your frequently asked questions about slatted shutters answered

The most frequent questions our Design Consultants get asked when conducting customer site visits are associated with the slats on shutters. Shutter slats are also known as louvres, but to be super clear, in our line of work slats and louvres refer to the same thing. With all this in mind, we thought it might be helpful to provide answers to the most popular queries that arise during our slat/louvre conversations with customers…

What does slat mean?

Within the shutter arena, the term ‘slat’ refers to the flat, narrow strips of wood that sit horizontally within a shutter panel.

What is a slatted shutter?

The slats in plantation shutters are used to control the amount of light entering a room (or the amount of light you want to block out). Tilting the slats using tilt rods (or hidden tilt rods if preferred) allows homeowners to control how much light or privacy they want the rooms in their house to enjoy. If you opt for hidden tilt rod functionality, you will need to open and close slats using your hand. Alternatively, you may choose to adjust slats using a central/offset tilt rod that runs down the front of your shutter slats:

Silent / hidden tilt rods

Centered and offset tilt rods

What are the slats on shutters called?

Within the shutter and interior design community, the slats of shutters are called louvres. If you are searching online, you may notice that the name louvre often differs in how it is spelled. This is simply because ‘louver’ is the American English spelling, and louvre is the British English spelling. Rest assured, either spelling refers to the horizontal slats within a shutter that are angled for light control and admitting air and providing privacy, when needed.

How wide are shutter slats?

Slat sizes at ShuttersUp come in five different widths from 47mm to 114mm, with 76mm louvres being the middle ground. The following indicates which sizes are available for each of our shutter ranges. Remember, the wider the slat width, the greater the light exposure when the slats are fully open:

slat 47mm

Antigua | Sumatra | Fiji | Java
*47mm not available with Invisible Tilt rods

slat 63mm

Antigua | Sumatra | Fiji | Java

slat 76mm

Antigua | Sumatra | Fiji | Java

slat 89mm

Antigua | Sumatra | Fiji | Java

slat 114mm

Antigua | Sumatra | Fiji | Java

Which shutter slat size is best for my windows?

Choosing the right slat size for your windows will require some thought. We always advise thinking about the following factors:

  • Your style – are you more traditional or contemporary? What aesthetic do you want to achieve?
  • The level of light control you desire.
  • The size of your windows.
  • Is privacy important?
  • Your personal taste.

What will smaller slats offer?

Our smaller sizes (47mm, 63mm, and 76mm slats) offer more slats within your panels, meaning that when they are open, they will let in slightly less light. We find that smaller slats tend to be more favourable with owners of traditional homes that boast period features and are also more complementary to small windows. If you have a smaller window, larger slats can sometimes feel a little bulky. Plus, the smaller the slat the more privacy you would have, making them great popular choices for bathrooms and bedrooms where privacy is in demand.

What will larger slats offer?

Opting for a larger size such as our 89mm or 114mm slats, means that there will be fewer slats within your panels and therefore, let in more light. We find that larger slats are popular with customers that want to achieve more of a contemporary look where less fuss and optimal natural light is preferred. The extra light does mean a little less privacy than the smaller sizes, making them ideally suited to communal spaces such as living room bay windows shutters and large, multi-purpose kitchens that are typically the social hub of the house.

You may decide that you prefer small slats in the shutter panels of the home office and bathroom and larger slats within the living room shutters, but in our experience, most customers tend to opt for the same size slats within all their windows to keep things uniform when admiring the house from street level.

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