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Plantation Shutters For A Dressing Room

Enhance your routine with style and practicality

Understandably, there is a proud owner behind every dressing room. With the elegant and seamless aesthetics that come with plantation shutters, your dressing room can be enhanced in a manner that grants an abundance of style and practicality. To discuss the benefits that dressing room shutters can provide in more detail, call 020 8776 1484 to speak to our team, we are always happy to help.

Tailor your privacy with dressing room shutters

The manoeuvrable louvres within our plantation shutters allow you to reap the benefits of lighting and privacy simultaneously. By angling the louvres, you can restrict the view into your dressing room whilst allowing natural light and fresh air to enter. This ensures that you can relax in a comfortable environment while you are getting ready, safe in the knowledge that your privacy is secured.

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Arrange your dressing room shutter design consultation

Want to arrange a free design consultation for your project? Call us on 020 8776 1484 or send us an email at [email protected].

Made-to-measure dressing room shutters

Each dressing room shutter that we help to design and install are manufactured according to our customers’ unique requirements and preferences. From sash window shutters to tracked room dividers, we follow a ‘measure twice, cut once’ approach to ensure a superior installation. Your dressing room shutters will provide complete privacy, excellent insulation, and control over natural light levels.

What makes dressing room shutters a great choice?

Combine functionality and style

Shutters are a versatile part of home décor and can be used in various ways to great effect. From fronting your dresser and wardrobe doors to covering your casement windows, the options are endless.

Encourage air flow

The versatile positioning of the louvres, as well as the ability to open your shutters back in their entirety to reveal your window, will mean your dressing room is never restricted from natural air flow.

Simplify your cleaning routine

The hardwood materials we use to craft our shutters require minimal maintenance and cleaning, allowing you to spend more time focusing on getting ready each morning.

Add visual appeal

With every design we offer, you can guarantee an elegant, undisturbed finish that will look great in any home.

A range of shutter designs for every dressing room

Dressing rooms come in all shapes and styles, and we believe there is a perfect shutter design for each one. If your dressing room is currently part of your existing bedroom, why not partition if off entirely with a tracked shutter solution?

Perhaps your dressing room is tucked away in a loft room that is home to some peculiar-shaped windows. Our special shaped shutters can provide you with a charming and practical solution. We also provide café style shutters that are ideal for properties on busy streets, restricting prying eyes whilst also welcoming in natural light. Our tier on tier shutters offer the best of both worlds!

Specialist shutters, Made For You

We are the shutter experts who care. Which is why we design, manufacture, and install shutters which are custom made to your exacting standards. To ensure peace of mind, we offer a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime maintenance warranty with every shutter.

Have a question about dressing room shutters?

Our FAQs page features the answers to our most commonly asked questions. We are confident we have the answers you are looking for.

Tell us your dressing room shutter requirements

To ensure that we create shutters that are perfectly made for you and your dressing room, we always take time to understand your preferences and requirements. We will be delighted to discuss further over the phone or book a free home design appointment. Call us 020 8776 1484, send us an email at [email protected], or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you promptly.

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