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Loft Conversion Shutters

When making extra rooms in a house many homeowners opt to create a loft conversion to gain extra space. With many loft conversions being used as bedrooms it is important to get the window dressings correct both for functionality and looks.

We fit shutters for clients loft conversions regularly, where they require the perfect window dressing for their skylight windows. The shutters we use for this kind of window are designed to fit directly to the skylight window and ensure that the operation and look of the shutters is not impaired in any way. They are designed in a way that allows them to open with the window if you need to open them.

With the design of these windows comes the challenge of fitting normal window dressings. They are often hard to reach, at angles and attract direct light through most of the day. Bespoke Shutters are the perfect solution for a millimetre perfect fit that attaches directly to the window. You can also use a rod for hard to reach shutters to open, close and adjust the louvres. With shutters you can make minor adjustments to the louvres to control the exact levels of light into the room.

Privacy is another concern in loft conversions. Although loft and roof windows are high from the ground, many find that surrounding houses can often overlook the angled windows which is why our shutters are used for great privacy, as well as adjusting throughout the rest of the day. Our shutters also act as a great layer of insulation to help keep the room warm in the colder months and as a great way of regulating air into the room in hotter periods.

As with all our shutters we can finish and style the shutters to your exact requirements. All our bespoke shutters can be tailored towards the décor of the loft conversion or your own taste. We work with you to make sure that this area of the home gets window dressings which work properly with the skylight windows and look great in your new or existing conversion.

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