Full Height Shutters


The full height shutter style is the most popular shutter style in the Uk and indeed across the world. This style of shutter simply dresses the windows from top to bottom and can be made to suit all windows. Full height shutters also block out the most light when shut making this option the perfect solution for bedroom windows.

More about Full Height Shutters…

fullheightshutters1Full height shutters can often be mistaken for not being so versatile but this is actually not true. With the option of manufacturing your shutters with a mid rail for no extra fee, full height shutters will then allow you to manoeuvre slats separately top and bottom.

This means you can open the top section of louvres to allow light whilst tilting the bottom section of louvres to shade or provide you with privacy when needed.

All of our shutters are hinged to a frame and this style is no different. This also means that the shutters can easily be folded back revealing the whole of your window behind whilst allowing maximum light and ventilation.

fullheightshutters2Our Full height shutters are very popular among our new and existing clients being simple yet attractive and highly useable style. This style can be finished in many different paints and stains depending on the look you are trying to achieve and can be further styled with tilt rod locations, louvre sizes and added extras.

We can create your full height shutters to be installed in many different locations throughout the home, not just limited to windows as with all our full height shutters they can be fitted to doors and other openings.

Full height shutters also provide the best insulation when compared to any of our other shutter styles. Proven by the BBSA, (british blind and shutter association) shutters are better than any other window dressing for keeping in the heat, they’re even better than secondary glazing due to fact that wood is a much better insulator than glass. So with energy bills forever on the increase, this style may offer a cheaper and more attractive solution to changing your windows.

View Full Height Shutters in our Gallery…

visitgalleryTo get a better idea of the look and feel of our Full Height Shutters visit the Gallery and view many examples of our bespoke Full Height shutters fitted to our clients properties.

We have examples of our Full Height shutters in different rooms and areas around the house, finished differently depending on the customers specifications.