Java Shutters


Manufactured using a hardwood inner and coated using an ABS plastic coating making the shutters very hardwearing. These shutters are extremely water resistant which makes them the ideal solution for bathrooms and kitchens. These shutters are our only 100% water resistant material so you can be sure that they are safe from moisture. With this comes the ability to easily wipe clean them which is why many people also opt to use these in children’s bedrooms.

Available in 6 popular waterproof paint colours which provide a high quality finish to the shutters and louvres. They are tough and durable which makes them great for high traffic areas of the property. The louvres are available in in many sizes from 47mm to 114mm and because of the large panels and louvres available make the perfect solution for covering large expanses and windows. They come with a 3 year warranty on all joinery as standard.

Java Range Summary


  • tickA choice of 6 white colours to choose from.
  • tickWaterproof qualities make it ideal for wet-rooms and bathrooms.
  • tickEasily cleaned, perfect for those with pets and young children.
  • tickLimited when custom shaping shutters.
  • tickJava has a 3 year warranty on all joinery.