Solid Shutters


Solid style shutters are great for near blackout in your rooms when closed and look fantastic in rooms with traditional decors. With this comes great insulation properties and are one of the most durable and robust forms of window dressings available.

More about Solid Shutters…

solidshutters1Solid panel shutters are often used on the bottom sash windows when the window is overlooked in a built up area. They are also a perfect solution for bedrooms when total blackout is required for sleeping.

Solid Shutters can be used as window coverings, free standing screens or as room dividers.

Our Solid Shutters can be created either fully solid, or a mixture of solid panel with louvres on the other half. We can fit these shutters not only to windows but also popularly to doors and other openings and fitments such as wardrobes.

Traditionally this style of shutters were found in Victorian houses and properties built with large sash style windows and doors, which had solid panel shutters fitted that could fold into boxed housing on each side.

solidshutters2Although many customers opt for more decorative shutters, these still have many uses that other shutters just can’t achieve as well. They look fantastic in the right application and can be coloured to match certain room décor through staining or paint.

As with all our shutters our Solid panel shutters can be finished in many different ways using different paints and stains. We can style your solid shutters in a traditional or modern way with or without the use of louvres on certain sections.

View Solid Shutters in our Gallery…

visitgalleryHave a look at our Solid Shutters Gallery to get a better idea of the look and feel of the shutters we offer. See many examples of our customer made shutters in clients homes.

We have many examples of Solid Shutters in our Gallery fitted to different areas and rooms of the properties, finished uniquely depending on the customers specifications.