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Can I add a top tier to my café style shutters?

Many customers initially opt for café style window shutters for the visual statement they make to a property, as well as their appealing ability to provide great privacy and heaps of natural light simultaneously. However, it is not unusual for customers to change their mind later down the line and decide they want to add top tier shutter panels to their windows and obtain full coverage.

The good news is, adding a top tier to existing café style shutters is possible and is straightforward to implement. In this blog, we cover the main reasons why people may want to add a top tier to their plantation shutters and how we achieve it.

Why would I add a top tier to my shutters?

There are several reasons that people decide to add a top tier to their café style shutters:

  • Generally, café style shutters are perfect for street facing living rooms and bedrooms, particularly those at street level. They provide privacy without obstructing too much natural light. However, sometimes, homeowners decide that partial window coverage just isn’t quite enough for them and when they realise just how much light open shutter slats allow in, they decide that full height shutters would be their preferred option.
  • Some clients like to pair their shutters with other window dressings such as curtains and find that café style shutters offer a good balance. However, a room makeover, interior design revolution, or a change of taste may impact preferences down the line.
  • Often, clients find that there is still too much light reflecting on their TV or furniture and therefore, the homeowner decides that they would prefer not to have the top of the window exposed.

How is a top tier added to existing shutters?

When adding a top tier to an existing shutter that’s covering the bottom of the window only, we order extended shutter window frames to ensure the finished look doesn’t give the impression that one section has been added to another. We replace the whole outer framing of the shutter, to support the newly added top section and achieve a seamless finish.

Top tip:

If you have an inkling that you may need to add a top section later down the line, we always recommend opting for either a tier-on-tier shutter or full height shutter styles to begin with (rather than a café style). While it is possible to add a top section to a café style shutter, opting for a tier on tier/full height shutter from the offwill prevent the whole outer framing of the shutter needing to be replaced to support a top section. Plus, you’ll save money in the long run.

Our high-quality café style shutters cover all size and shapes from large bay windows to a small box room window. If you are thinking of adding top tier shutters to your windows or completely new plantation shutters, contact our friendly team today and we’ll happily chat through options.

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