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How do interior shutters complement modern window design?

Style, design, size, material, colour, and configuration are all important considerations when choosing new windows. Windows not only help to provide the aesthetic you’re seeking, but their function and practicality are integral too. It’s worth spending time making the right choice for your home and lifestyle. If you’re considering interior shutters for your windows but are worried they will impact the great window choices you’ve already made, think again! We explore the reasons why plantation shutters are the perfect complement to modern window design.

As much natural light and view as you require

Aesthetically pleasing concepts such as open plan layouts and large glazed areas are key characteristics of modern architecture and style. Modern living is all about large glass spans, whether it be open plan kitchens with bi-fold doors leading out onto the garden, skylights that help lighten rooms, or large gable ends that showcase a stunning view. The biggest benefit of these glazing solutions is that they provide natural light to sufficiently brighten the interior. This reduces the need for artificial lighting and provides energy savings too. Glass is also heat absorbing and can reduce the effects of solar radiation.

So, will shutters block out natural light, we hear you ask? The simple answer is plantation shutters can allow as much natural light into a room as you want or need. Whether you want to slide the shutters back fully for maximum exposure, you want some privacy without wanting to be dark, or you just want a little light to trickle through, there is a shutter style and slat size to suit. On top of achieving practicality and beauty within your home we recognise that increased natural light also brings with it a tonne of improvements in both our health and productivity, so we wouldn’t want your shutters getting in the way of those benefits either.

Suitable for all types of window function

No matter the size, shape, configuration, or type of window your property has, we have a shutter style that will work. Sash, casement, tilt and turn, large bays, skylights, awkward shapes – there is nothing our shutters can’t cope with.

We can even add shutters to the sliding glass walls which are becoming ever more present within modernist homes and offices. Homeowners are keen to blur the boundaries between the inside of their home and their outside space. Sliding glass walls allow property owners to fully open up their space and allow a vast abundance of natural light into the property. It creates a more fluid connection between the inside and nature.

Befitting to modern window design style

The window design style that you choose for your home should reflect the age and style of the property as well as complement the colour of the brick, stone, or rendering. The same rule should apply to choosing shutters. For example, modern window frames tend to boast a sleeker, thinner profile around the expanse of glass. The frame is typically unobtrusive and minimal with clean lines, and the most popular colours for achieving a contemporary look within modern properties are typically white, dark grey and black.

Custom-made shutters make it possible to craft shutters to any window configuration. Therefore, if you want a mid-rail at an unusual height, a unique coloured frame, or differing coloured slats, it is all possible with our choice of 20 stains, 28 standard colours or colour matching service. We measure, craft, and install with absolute precision to ensure a seamless finish that is complementary to your windows. To finish the look we can retain sleek styling with hidden hinges and silent tilt rods.

Flexibility for ventilation

There’s no doubt that fresh air is good for our health and productivity. Air indoors can build up high levels of moisture, odours, gases, dust, and other air pollutants. So, to keep us safe and healthy indoors, it is important that plenty of fresh air can enter and circulate around the rooms in your home. Whether your window is a tilt and turn, top opening, or sliding design, there is a type of shutter to suit and maximise the ventilation required. If a gentle breeze is more your style, a slatted shutter design will work well. However, full-on air flow may require a tracked or solid design that can be opened fully.

Shutters improve household energy efficiency

Making your windows and doors more energy efficient will go a long way in reducing your energy bills and lowering your carbon footprint. Adding shutters will improve your energy saving efforts even further by adding an extra layer against heat loss in the winter and helping to passively cool your home during the summer. Don’t take our word for it though, our customers, the BBSA, and the government are all in agreement too!

If you are looking to add interior shutters to your windows, whether they are modern or not, we’d love to arrange an obligation-free appointment with one of our Design Consultants to chat through your requirements in detail.

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