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Easy to achieve Christmas window ideas

As Andy Williams put it, ‘it’s the most wonderful time of the year’. It is time to get in the loft and pull down the dusty decorations box, argue with the Christmas tree lights, welcome back your elf on the shelf, and raise a glass to this extraordinary year we’ve all had (and keep raising it until dry January comes around!). The nature of our work means we are privy to seeing inside some beautifully decorated homes and over the years, we have particularly enjoyed seeing all the Christmas window displays.

If you are thinking of adding a window display to your festive décor for the first time, here are some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

A window garland

Garlands are not only good for a staircase or fireplace, but they can create a stunning focal point pretty much anywhere, including your windows. Either pin along the top and sides of the window frame or lay them on the windowsill. That way, they will be appreciated by your neighbours and passing dog walkers too!

Christmas wreaths are a good option too, when placed in your front window for all to see. If you don’t fancy making your own wreath or garland, fear not, we’re with you! There are varying designs on the market featuring beautiful artificial flowers, foliage or even festive lights for an extra sparkle.

You can always rely on John Lewis for a cracking Christmas wreath & garland selection. We also love the timeless range from Dunelm. A window garland can really help tie your decorating theme together.

Christmas window lights

It would not be Christmas without a plethora of twinkling lights, would it? If you are more of a traditional decorator and prefer to keep things simple, try a star curtain light with a warm white glow , Lights4fun always seem to come up trumps.

For those with children, opt for a multi-coloured LED Net light, for all out glamour.

Candle displays

Well-chosen and Christmas scented candles can really transform your window. Being reflective, windows are perfect for highlighting the flickering flame. The White Company are great for festive aromatic blends, but if it is red, gold and green coloured candles you want, you may be better searching in traditional stores such as John Lewis and Marks & Spencer where there are likely to be a bigger selection to suit assorted colour themes.

Festive light up candles are great for ticking both the scent of Christmas and welcoming glow boxes. They simply light up when the wick is lit. They make great gifts too when visiting friends and family over the season.

Christmas cards

Although many people have switched to sending e-cards rather than the handwritten variety, the ShuttersUp team still love to send and receive Christmas cards through the post. It is a lovely personalised touch. The only problem tends to be where to put them all when they arrive through the letterbox! Why not make a feature of them by attaching them to ribbon and hanging them down your windows?

Festive plants

If you are green fingered, and a fan of Christmas plants, your windowsill is a great place to display them. Whether it is a sprig of Mistletoe, a showstopping Poinsettia, a Christmas cactus or other winning houseplant, make sure you have them on display in your window for all to see.

Stocking holders along your window sill with your stockings hanging from them always make a statement as do beautiful ornaments. Hopefully, we have inspired you to show a little more attention to your windows this Christmas and not overlook the impact that a well-dressed window can have. Don’t forget, if you are treating yourself to new shutters to dress your windows this Christmas, we know just the team!

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