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Shutters help to keep your rooms warm!

The cold weather is fast approaching and many of you with plantation shutters already installed will be feeling the benefits of the heat retention. Throughout the colder months heat is lost through windows in the home, most notably with older single glazed windows. The construction of our shutters allows for household heating to be retained and the cold kept out! Did you know that wooden shutters help reduce around 50% of heat loss, which makes them the most effective solution of window dressing in every room of the house. The design and construction of each custom fitted shutter, allows for not only great insulation but also regulation of air flow. Because of these great benefits many home owners are now opting to have shutters fitted to replace their standard curtains, which can really help with heating bills and indeed doing your part for the environment. Transforming the look of your rooms, while making your home much more energy efficient may be just what you need this winter. It is worth noting that plantation shutters are not just a benefit for the winter. The adjustable slats of all our custom fitted shutters are perfect for regulating air flow and light in the Warmer weather. Because of the design you can also easily open plantation shutters completely up when needed, making them a great investment for all year round!

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