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How to Clean Shutters


Many people wonder what the best ways are to clean and maintain their new shutters as they gather dust and get slightly dirty over time. Luckily shutters are one of the easiest window dressings to clean and keep dust free. Traditional window dressings such as curtains can really draw dust and dirt into the material which will only fully come out with a proper wash. Shutters on the other hand are wipe clean and only require a quick clean every so often. Removing dust from window dressings is very important for people with allergies such as asthma which is triggered by the dust.

Duster / Cloth

Using a duster or cloth is one of the easiest ways to clean your shutters. Dusting by hand as you would with any other piece of furniture in the house will quickly remove dust on the surface and leave a clean finish within seconds. Because our shutters come with paint or stain finishes, it is not recommended to use polish or any kind of abrasive pad. A light dust should easily suffice!

Vacuum Soft Brush Attachment

Another method that works well is using a soft brush attachment on the end of a vacuum. It is a quick and easy way of removing the dust that has gathered on the louvres. By using the soft brush heads you are ensuring that no marks are left on the shutters surface. You may also find this method easier for reaching all parts of the shutters and hard to reach areas because of the extension poles on your vacuum.

Damp Cloth

For shutters that are noticeably dirtier than usual you can use a damp cloth, but make sure that the cloth has been rung out enough that it is only slightly damp, making sure that as little moisture comes into contact with the shutters as possible. You should only need to use the damp cloth on small areas when removing the odd stain or built up grime. Our plastic coated shutters can be wiped clean a lot easier and are fine to come into contact with more moisture.

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