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What are Hidden Tilt Rod Mechanisms for Shutters?

Hidden tilt rods, or silent tilt rods as they are otherwise know allow the shutter louvres to operate without any visible rod. As standard, shutters come with a thin colour matched rod that runs up the middle of each row of louvres. This allows for the home owner to open and close the louvres by a set amount without having to move each louvre individually. For many these tilt rods can look unsightly which is why we offer hidden tilt rods as an upgrade on the shutters throughout our range. Hidden tilt rods allow for the opening and closing of the shutter louvres without a visible rod. We achieve this by fitting a hidden mechanism in the side (stile) of each louvre section. This mechanism allows for all the shutter louvres to open and close at the same rate when you simply move one of the louvres to the position you desire. As with our shutters with a visible tilt rod, if you have opted for a mid-rail then you will have a hidden tilt mechanism fitted to each section of louvres, allowing you to operate each section separately in exactly the same way. You can find more information about other options for your shutters on our Functionality Options page.

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